31 October 2011

my passion for dogs

our three girls. natasha is being brave in heaven. design by me.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am crazy about dogs. I often prefer them to people. I have always had a passion and a knowing that I was meant to have a dog or several. I continue each day to learn something incredible from my girls. I wish that I could share even a little of the joy they give to me.

Creating on my first love = dogs. Inspiration is plenty, focus is good, reading everything I can to help me start smartly. I am thinking it will be the freshness and the truth that will end up being the best to pull design from. Just be me and see what sticks.

Facing new directions courageously. I am starting. A new month a new beginning with lots of faith in what I love.

design by 730 thursday http://www.facebook.com/730Thursday

top two photos captured by hubby dan krenz http://www.facebook.com/danielkrenz

bottom photo captured by Adam Emajyn Adolphus http://www.facebook.com/EMAJYN

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