29 November 2012

Grateful Today = Furry Friends

my dear friend Fannie at 13+ (cousin Fannie)

our youngest Pearl Button 2.5

Clover sweet precious 13.5 yr old love

Clover at nap time
Today I am grateful for so very many things I found it hard to pick just one theme. I went with my first passion in life = DOGS. I simply get fueled daily from the raw emotion, the unconditional love, the silly happiness they bring to my life.

Last night I had the pleasure of dining with Fannie (my first love JRT) she is older, sweeter, just as lovely and gracious as ever. She is simply someone who fills me up.

Then of course our girls Clover and Pearl Button. I am thankful for another day with Clover and seeing her happy. She is such a pure soul. Nothing sweeter in the world then Clover.

Pearl Button who continues to amaze me and make me laugh in total joy. She is a love and a very old soul wrapped in her little JRT body.

Thank you for my dog furry friends. They truly are some of my very best friends on earth.

27 November 2012

Feeling Grateful = Velvet Button

I am very lucky that I get to create for a living. It has always been my passion and I can think of nothing in the world that I would rather do then be an artist. That is really good to be able to say out loud,  I like being me.

I am blessed with new clients who find me and are rich in spirit and soul. One of my new clients is Velvet Button Boutique. This new boutique is created by two long time girlfriends who have been working towards this dream. The dream is marching into reality and I am the lucky designer to be branding, designing and having a ball.

I have decided that for a bit of time I will blog daily about being grateful. Sure it is most hard to say only one thing that I am grateful for each day but, also fun to explore and write about.

I am always grateful for my friends who follow me here. Merci'

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