23 April 2012

my dream is alive.

magic pure and simple magic.

the sand, the waves, the music in the sounds. adore.

i could not have said this better myself.
My dream (one of them) is to live by the ocean. To wake up most days and walk the beach then go to my studio and create. Listen to the magic the ocean tells us and all of the wonders I can learn from simply by being at peace. I am drawn to water and light ~ needing it more and more in my life.

Some days it seems as though there are so many steps to get to this dream. I am up for the challenge and ready to make it. I know that nothing comes easy. There are days I wish things would be a bit less challenging. So today I will rest knowing the ocean awaits me.

This is going to happen and I will know how very blessed I was to make this dream come true.

Glorious photos found here http://pinterest.com/

19 April 2012

escaping today.

perfection in a dress, if you ask me.
Today seems like a perfect day to play escape. I am playing this game in my studio while I work on endless piles of deadlines, dream about all of the art I long to create, the travels I will go on. I am in the creative zone of nothing but, visions of lovely.

This dress is one of those happy escapes I can go to. I imagine wearing this, what would I be going to? who would I be meeting? would it be a lovely to wear as it seems. I bet yes.

So for today as I create and create more I dream of this dress and me in it.

Thanks to Pinterest for sharing this lovely image with the world.

14 April 2012

soldering 101. yep. i am hooked.

my first attempt to learn soldering. Oooh I am in love.
back of the first one. flying carpet happy.
yes. i would like to live here. very curios indeed.

back of my curious piece.

tiny moon what a lovely surprise.

back image of tiny moon.

I took my first soldering class. I have ALWAYS wanted to learn this and now I have. Gosh why did I wait so long. I am hooked, completely addicted to this new talent I was taught. Now to get all of my little creative ducks in a row and crank out ART. I am serious how cool this is. Pearl Button's line of cards is expanding to handmade jewelry. Yep.

I am learning FINALLY to go do all of the things you dream of, find a way to just go do it. Fill up each day with something that really makes you smile. I am sure trying and so far flipping to the moon with glee.

So happy with this new tiny adventure. Thanks for coming along.

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12 April 2012

being grateful. i am.

a tiny handmade treat to make a friend know she is special.
I love to create treats for my friends. I just do. How special it is to let people know they are wonderful.
I think it is most important ~ do it now. Do not wait until a rainy day. So this week I am trying to make a special treat each day that I can give to others.

This is the first of many I am creating. I hope to take pictures of each and share.

I do think it is always better to give then to receive. For me it is a nice way to live.

08 April 2012

happy easter.

i have been nesting for spring around our house.

nesting. creating. seashells to remind me of my dreams.

ooh how i love these flowers.

easter cupcakes. yum.
Happy Easter. Today is one of those fun days when you get a moment to just be. You can think about all sorts of memories. One memory I love is thinking about my easter dress that my parents would buy for me each year, with perfect little socks and shoes. It was always cold in Iowa so I would have to wear a coat over my darling dress. I think of how we get away from things that were precious to us. Like why do I not go and buy myself a darling little easter outfit? That is a new tradition I should start.

I made cupcakes tonight, partly to take them to dinner tomorrow and partly to do something sweet that reminds me of my parents. Who are well in Iowa, and I miss. My mother always tucked peeps into my easter baskets (I never liked them) to this day I do not care for them. Peeps do make me smile and always think of my mom. So mom here's to you ~ peep heads. None will be eaten by your one and only daughter. I love you.

Have a joyful skippy make it count day today!!!

06 April 2012

my darling Clover turns 13 today.

such a cute head tilt. food was involved of course.

one of her favorites looking out the window. barking and protecting. smile.
Today is my black lab Clovers 13th birthday. Yep. I can hardly believe she is 13 today. I can remember bringing her home (so tiny and naughty and perfect) She was as big as my dad's shoe. Funny how memories stay saved. I love this one.

Clover is one of my very best friends. She totally understands me, supports me always in the studio, inspires me to be a better person. I just love knowing she is happy and having a good life. I am thankful that I am her mom. She also has a terrific dad. Friends too. She will be having a small family party this evening ~ just mom and dad, and pearl (her tiny jrt sister) We will have chicken (she loves a bit of chicken) and new bones.

I keep singing happy birthday to her, started at midnight has eve. She likes it I know.

Thanks for being you Clover. I am so lucky to be your mom. Happy 13# Birthday!!!

05 April 2012

happy 730 thursday. five years ago today.

hubby and i = a 730 thursday
5 April, 2012
Today marks five years ago that I met my soul mate, my best friend and my hubby. Our story is a really great one for those of you who know us.

I feel very blessed in my life to have this connection that continues to inspire me, encourage my soul, delight in the silly that I adore.

Yes, my studio name is 730 Thursday. It is also the time and day I met my hubby. Both really great inspirations daily.

Everyone deserves a 730 Thursday. I am most happy for mine.