23 April 2012

my dream is alive.

magic pure and simple magic.

the sand, the waves, the music in the sounds. adore.

i could not have said this better myself.
My dream (one of them) is to live by the ocean. To wake up most days and walk the beach then go to my studio and create. Listen to the magic the ocean tells us and all of the wonders I can learn from simply by being at peace. I am drawn to water and light ~ needing it more and more in my life.

Some days it seems as though there are so many steps to get to this dream. I am up for the challenge and ready to make it. I know that nothing comes easy. There are days I wish things would be a bit less challenging. So today I will rest knowing the ocean awaits me.

This is going to happen and I will know how very blessed I was to make this dream come true.

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  1. I have a similar dream, but my involves the mountains. I'll come visit you at the beach, and then you can come visit me for a walk in the forest. :)