28 June 2016

My family launches a new product. Pride in family. Spot Stuff.

grateful to be the designer behind this new product.
My sister in law Milissa is brilliant and has been creating on this oil and grease stain remover for the past three years (while working full time). She has created a dry formula that removes stains like crazy good.

I have used it on butter, salad dressing, lipstick, coconut oil, A & D ointment and it is all removed and good. It works on new and old stains without washing. I know right? this is so cool.

We are launching this as a family starting with our indiegogo campaign. We have purchased the machines to make this happen big, we have 2 patents pending, we have lots of money into marketing, developing and sharing the word.

This is huge for our little family. My husband Dan will be traveling around the country selling and meeting with large corporations to make this a household name.

Please show your support by visiting the links below. Both facebook and our indiegogo campaign.

I am thrilled to be designing, marketing and watching such a love for a product soar.

Grateful for creating in so many ways.