21 July 2015

my summer of learning and listening

stitch. pray. heal.

finding delight in the tiny details. every single day.
Wow it has been over one month since I have blogged. I have been living in a sort of constant days and nights rolling into one month of time. This is my summer of fighting shingles. Fighting is not the best word to use when describing non stop pain. I usually try to surround everything in my body with love and positive words. Lately I've been feeling like this really is a fight to survive with my mental goodness. I am not good at resting non stop. I like to do things. I love adventures and outings and finding unexpected fun.

This is a time in my life to learn lessons about healing, about myself and really listen. I am not sure I am really good at this listening part. I am practicing on getting better at it daily.

I have been stitching a great deal as I can rest and still create. I often write that creating is like breathing to me. I must do it. So I have found a way to create even while healing. I am so grateful for this.

My days are getting better as I do have more energy then I did one month ago. I know that good things take time. My healing is a very good thing so I will surround this time with as much love as I know how to.

I have been extremely blessed with the love from others. Prayers are being heard and I am most thankful. I will continue to create each day in the ways that I can hoping that my dreams will continue to grow and the mountains I need to climb will be waiting for me.

Looking forward to life after shingle pain.