30 July 2012

one thing to tell yourself. daily.

So I am on a four day success (yes, that is a little start) of designing, quoting and sharing each day.

I started thinking about how important it is to fill our minds up with good stuff. No one will do this for you. Start doing it now. We all have magic talents and passions that we can give ourselves credit for. Write yours down. Be generous. I am doing this and remembering to read my good stuff daily.

I feel like the mountains I am wanting to move can and will be moved ~ I just must remember I am magic. I can create whatever I wish. On the path to this new way of self talk. I think it is wonderful.

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28 July 2012

celebrate you. adornments.

Today I have thought lots about how important it is to surround yourself with all that you love.
Use your pretty glasses everyday, wear that twirling skirt just because, remember to fly with your
spirit and never let anyone take it from you. I adore so many things ~  really I am just crazy lucky
to have this passion.

This little collage is of my sweet little dog Pearl Button who happens to have bee wings today (she and I both love bees) Lily of the Valley is my favorite flower (photo taken by me) they seemed like
the happy hat for Miss Pearl Button. The vintage blue rose represents my love for vintage textiles and flower patterns.

Play. Wake up today and find one way to just be silly, step outside of the norm and play.

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stop waiting for the right time. dream big. now

Day two of my new challenge. Today I am thinking a bunch about my dream of living by the ocean, climbing stairs to look out to the ocean and just breathe. I think it is so important to have dreams big and small and live them out as fully as you can. For me it means selling a house I have lived in for 17 years (filled with ghosts from my life) and moving out of state. It means leaving really sacred friends and meeting new friends. It represents freedom for me. A passage of the new me I have become.

I wish for everyone to feel alive enough to want to grab their dream. I have many dreams and I can honestly say that I work hard daily to make them happen. I am grateful for this ability to shake things up and not be afraid to dream big.

Todays quote by me, photo taken in Nice, France by me, vintage lady from a 1940's sewing pattern Vogue, wings by me, designed by me.

Thanks for joining me on this daily muse of mine.

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start dreaming and living it now.

Day two of my new challenge. Today I am listening to my inner voice telling me how very important it is to wake up each day grateful that we can create and move to a new dream. We are lucky to have those dreams just waiting for us to grab. For me that dream is moving to sunny Florida and walking on the beach daily, seeing the tide rush in and out, hearing the wind ~ knowing I am safe with my soul by the water. I love the water so much. I march daily towards this dream. It means selling a house I have lived in for 17 years, filled with memories and life events, friends, growing up. It means taking a big chance on finding more freelance work and clients who adore me. I am ready, I am able and I am doing it.

So important to start each day moving to a dream small or big. Just start. Grab your inner voice and listen then make a plan to start living the best you.

This graphic was created by me using the following.
• Photo of stairs I took while traveling in Nice, France.
• Wings by me.
• Vintage illustration from a 1940's Vogue pattern.
• Quote by me.

Love for life by me.

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27 July 2012

today will not happen again. live now.

Today I have started a new challenge for myself. I have always loved posting positive energy words, designs created by me. So my new challenge is this = daily I will make one original quote and graphic, the photo (if I use one) must be taken by me, the graphics created by me, the artwork by me.

Then I post and share. My mission to spread positive good energy and love for life. One sentence, one image, one smile, one day at a time.

Please join me and feel good about YOU.

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25 July 2012

courage on a daily dose. yes, please.

Hi, I have been missing for awhile. Life took over hard stuff and tons of deadlines in the studio. I have missed being here. I always struggle with the thought of "does anyone read or care that I am here on this blog" the answer is this "yes, I care and that is enough". I miss not blogging daily.
I love sharing thoughts, positive energy, connecting with like souls. So I am back. I am not going to care about anyone reading, looking or even commenting. I am just going to be me marching on.
Strongly, bravely, creatively and having a ball doing so.

Join me if you like. Life is all about the journey and the connecting ~ here I go.

Do one creative something today. It will change you.

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