30 January 2012

wrapped and ready to go.

one of my favorite etsy items all wrapped and shipped today.

another favorite item of mine wrapped and shipped today.

a sweet 16 gift just finished and ready to give.
If I could pick one thing I would love to do everyday it would be to give and wrap and surprise people. I simply love wrapping gifts. There is so much joy in all of the little odd details you can add to a present that make it worthy of looking at before it is opened.

I am starting my project that has been in my head for a few weeks (years) now. Wrapping. I am going to design, wrap and ship... the story to be told soon.

Thanks for looking at my wrappings. I do hope it inspires you to wrap with joy!!!

My tiny etsy store that needs to be filled up is http://www.etsy.com/shop/kellimay

red touches. yes please.

beautiful red.

why not add a few items of red to one room. just for this month. yes.

wear a bit of color in your daily dose of black.

collect shiny red hearts and nest them all together.

random red goodies to make you smile.
Mondays are fun days to grab a little lift of spirits. So why not today grab yourself a bit of RED. Just a hint (we are going into Feb. the heart month) so a splash of red something cheery and bright might just be what you need for that extra smile.

I like to switch stuff up and add unexpected colors in rooms and on me. Makes the entire day a little more interesting. Maybe, for one month just collect a few items of like color and see how your world starts opening up. You will start seeing things differently. Promise. Oh, and the hunt will be a ball.

For me it is red. Have fun! Who knows what Tuesday can bring.

http://www.facebook.com/kelli.maykrenz mercury glass hearts photo by me

http://pinterest.com/ all other photos courtesy of pinterest

29 January 2012

Sunday's List wow!!!

me in front of our 730 thursday shrine

shrine I made collage box found objects sacred stuff
Sunday is a day to pad around get things done or not. Well for me this Sunday I have a list two miles long of things I would like to get finished.

I am going to write my list just so I can look tomorrow and see what did actually happen. Ha!

• Take pictures of my Valentine goodies and Post on my Etsy site
• Organize my studio a little bit (messy always)
• Make some pillows with the fabric that is giggling at me when I walk past (sew me)
• Start making window seat cushion for Miss Pearl to sit on and watch the world spin by
• Create for my online class Hello Soul. Hello Business
• Create more artwork just for me

The list could keep going but, I am stopping as I realize it is too long already.

Oh, and one of my collage pieces that is finished. Nice to have proof that I do get things done. He!!

Thanks for visiting on Sunday. I hope your day is filled with no lists.

27 January 2012

being good enough.

vintage linen, design by me, quote out of my head.
So I started my first online class called Hello Soul. Hello Business. I knew that it would be good. I knew that it spoke to me and I had to sign up and let go of fears and do this. I am in my second week of (a total of ten weeks) and feel all of the crazy mixed up free and scary (at times) feelings that one person can have at the same time.

With that said I know that this is life changing for me. I can feel my energy, my focus, my balance changing. How welcome this is in my life. How grateful I am that I jumped in.

I work out of my studio as a designer lots of hours so finding time to pour into a class seemed crazy.

I now know I would have been crazy to not have jumped. This is exactly where I need to be and what I need to be learning. I wake up excited to see what my next lesson will be. How transforming this will make my life. Alive, giddy and really just plain happy to be able to feel all of these things.

Change. What a lovely word with all its meanings. I am most happy and thankful.

my design world linkhttp://www.facebook.com/730Thursday

25 January 2012

nesting in my studio.

I like taking stuff laying around my studio and creating something.

A puffy Valentine pillow wreath for the front door. Hello Mr. Cardinal.

details + random stuff = fun for me.
Funny how something so silly can just start bugging me. Like vintage plastic light up santa in the front of our house. Santa is asleep until next year. Wreath of sparkly gold and silver down. Excitement for me - the need for a front door pretty. I am most happy when I can dig around my studio and find piles of random stuff and create a pretty.

Today this is my pretty a puffy heart pillow wreath. One thing I know for sure is that my mind loves the break from designing (client direction) learning, doing things that need done around the house and studio. Favorite part for me is just having no idea what I am going to do just do something that no one has to like except me.

If you would like a step by step of what my pile started with, ask me. I am most happy to give a tip or ten. Smiles.

http://www.etsy.com/shop/kellimay my little etsy shop will have more wreaths made my me soon. very soon.

24 January 2012

trust. simple. powerful. trust.

design by me. photo by me. arrangement see link below.
Trust yourself. Sounds simple. It is not for me. As an artist I am learning that trusting in me is so so important. What a lovely gift to give yourself, right?

The kind of self that you will be happy to live with all of your life ~ for me this is always inventing, creating then re creating, moving from each part of the dream to make it all become one lovely journey.

Here is to the journey we are all on. May yours be joyful and full of stories. Share if you like. I love hearing from you. Most grateful for my followers.

http://www.facebook.com/BastianSkoog beautiful floral designers

padding around the house and studio today

adore this crown my parents gave me for christmas. these tones feel comfy.

I collect crystals and some shells. Reminds me that I can have the dream to live on the beach.

I tend to create shrines all over the house. Not sure why?

Studio tiny shrine.
Feeling a bit stuck. Like too many things to do whatever will I do first? Always the studio paying work. Done for a minute (well waiting on feedback) same thing. Smile.

I am just realizing that what helps me unstick is to clean and change up my space around me. Nothing major I will not paint walls today. Just a moving of energy (hey, it is Jan in Minnesota) must get the flow feeling different.

I am off to move energy and maybe, if happy I will add some new handmade treats. Then more pictures. We will see. Reporting later with photos and feelings. Where is that loft in my head?

23 January 2012

new mantra

new mantra for me and my studio 730 thursday
I simply love this quote. I am diving right in and this is going to become my new posted daily quote.

Really to take the chance should not be that fearful. Many things in life are so much harder and more challenging then to take a chance. So for me I am on it.

Funny I brand and promote companies, people for a living. When it comes to self promotion I get super stuck. Well no more. I am working on this right now. Owning this statement on my blog and in my life.

We shall see. I think lots of folks would like to take this path with me. Let's do it!!!

more designs by me at http://www.facebook.com/730Thursday

simple is nice.

a quick tag I did to put on an etsy purchase. I love to have elements of handmade on everything.

handmade pillow sold on etsy wrapped in fabric and fun.
simple. has many meanings for everyone. for me i have a strong love for details (always have) so in packaging, gifting, designing all aspects of my life I love the extra love.

love can be simple. it is just an act from your heart that is unseen by anyone and released.

today I simply say that I am grateful I love details and doing things simply. enjoy.

20 January 2012

finding a tender place to breathe

to me there is nothing sweeter then candle light

such a peaceful face
With the white snow coming down today. I am feeling like nesting. The lights need to be soft and calming and energy just yummy and calm. Creating this in our home is important to me, it just matters.

I plan on creating in my studio with candles and cozy clothes today. Enjoy your day and find a tender place to breathe.

photos found on http://pinterest.com/

19 January 2012

2 of my best friends

Pearl Button

Sweet Clover
I have often said that some of my best friends are dogs. This is true. I just adore, flipping crazy happy with dogs in my life and in the world around me. I am very grateful that I can live my life with Pearl and Clover each day.

Each day I learn more and more things about their nature. I cannot imagine my life without these little souls to pad around with.

Tomorrow back to design. Tonight nesting with the girls.

a bit of inspiration on a cold cold day

step one get in my trusty green bug and drive to fun part of town
appreciate window displays quickly it's cold. really cold.

dash into paper source and just look. only look.
Challenge for any artist go to a cool art store and purchase NOTHING. I did it!!! Yep, one would not think this possible for me. After all I have loved paper and pens since I was a little girl. This week I did it. I bought nothing not one single thing. Not that I did not want a million cool inspiring treats. I just thought no you have a studio filled with creative papers and stuff.

Summary of this blog = go be inspired by your favorite things and just enjoy the journey of getting to do it. No purchase necessary. Nice lesson learned so early in this new year.

horses + fashion = happy me

what a beautiful photo. the colors simply pulled from it are smashing.

being a big fan of skirts and tights this is adorbale

simple little ponies running around your neck. why not?
I have always loved horses. They are huge beautiful strong creatures that just make me stand still in awe. I was lucky enough several years ago to go to Arizona and ride and learn to care for horses for one week. Riding in the desert on my horse named Waylon was such an unbelievable life changing dream for me. I carry this in my happy heart every day.

Today I felt like starting to bring the passions I adore more into my fashion. Hey why not? It will make shopping much more challenging and fun. So horses, dogs, maybe a bird or two will be in my happy wardrobe (hoping) in this journey of 2012.

All photos found here http://pinterest.com/

17 January 2012

i love giving

happy smile bringing package sent to Miss Tif
I adore creating gifts and wrapping them. I just love it! I put a few snappy items together that I knew would bring a smile to a new friend who lives where it is snowy and cold.

There is magic is taking items that you know are perfect for another and gifting them. Wrapping with layers and layers of lovely special treats. I like to wrap with items that can be gently unfolded and used again to create something lovely.

I have a new project up my little leopard patterned sleeve. I will be chatting all about it in weeks to come. It is fun, interesting, you can pick up a tip or two and it is oh so gifty.

More creations by me http://www.facebook.com/730Thursday

16 January 2012

A cause I am getting behind. Love the animals.

artist Katherine Dunn = one of her covers = magic!

Katherine Dunn saves all of these animals. LOVE.

More artwork by the talented Katherine Dunn.
I do not get to really help animals like I would like to (yet). This artist Katherine Dunn is one of the incredible people/ artists doing just that. Saving the animals. She is raising funds to produce a book.
Visit link for more information and a video that will have you smiling and crying at the same time.

I have never met Katherine Dunn. I hope to. I just admire her and her love for animals big and small.

"Misfits of Love" is a book idea I have been working on in one way or another since I first moved to our Apifera Farm back in 2004. Here is a slideshow of how the book will look and 'feel".
My farm is a final home to many of the misfits - the old ones and the crippled ones, creatures that were neglected, abused or left as useless. Their hearts live here with me and their stories are worthy of print.
Funds will be used [see specifics below] to get this quiet little book ready for publication.
Ever since I can remember, I have had empathy for the elderly creatures, or the 'discarded", and that includes humans. Upon moving to the farm, my barnyard seemed to be a natural settling ground for wandering abandoned roosters, old donkeys, misplaced ducks and a variety of old and challenged goats. Oh, and a pig that came with a goat. And old mice in love. Many of the creatures were adopted from bad situations, rescued by another and then sent to Apifera- but some dropped out of the sky, so to speak.
We live in such a throw away society where old is not valued by the masses - but I see the beauty and soul in 'old' every day here....be it in the eyes of an old, misused donkey or the curve in the crippled legs of a handicapped goat.
When my father was dying in hospice, many states away, I was unable to go to him. Taking care of my old creatures took on an even more symbolic meaning for me. As I rubbed oil on the pig's very dry skin each day, I was reminded of my father's 85 year old legs and how dry and sore they were for him. I couldn't help him, but I could soothe this pig with my hands and she in turn soothed me with her charm and pig beauty.
This fundraising stage is to get the book 'print-ready', and having done that before, I can tell you it takes time, energy and money. I plan to work with the same editorial consultant who was a former editor at Chronicle Books to get the manuscript in tip-top shape. With 144 pages and $125 hour consulting fee, it is a major expense - but very important.  Funds will also help me get the layouts of the book prepped. Each chapter focuses on a different animal with a narrative, emotive sepia photographs and one full color art spread of a painting. Promo copies will be made at about $50 each that will be used to generate interest from publishers or help determine if self publishing is needed. My goal is to have the manuscript ready for first edits by January and first layouts will begin at the same time. I will be doing the layouts, but will need some expertise on proofs/layout print prep from consultants.


love and light

beautiful quote from Martin Luther King Jr. 
I saw this quote this morning on facebook. I decided to quick design a little something for my studio page. I have been reading this off and on all day and I must say ~ I love this.

I was taught as a little girl to never ever use the word "hate". To this day I do not use that word. Actions can show this so strongly ~ I too try to never cross that line.

As I get older there are fewer things to not like. I tend to focus on the simple things like, waking up, going for a walk, having the people and dogs I adore healthy, being able to create for a living, still being able to learn learn learn.

I do think that love illuminates us ~ we shine brighter and share more. Just a little reflection on a most serious study of human nature.

Designs by 730 thursday here http://www.facebook.com/730Thursday

15 January 2012

on the path of another dream. starting now.

knowing I have traveled here and seen this inspires me to dream big

textures and history with water = dreamy peace

I am on this path to all things discovered coming true

I adore layers. A wall filled with pages I created. Feels like home.
I decided to start making more of my life dreams happen. NOW. I have refreshed my blog page design (I need to start doing more of that) I am a designer after all. I just have a bit of a struggle with the template stuff in blogger.

I have decided that since I  adore layers in my design and life I need to own this and build on it.

I am starting today with a new journey that will hopefully create my artistic life into a new wild ride of success for the creative I love.

I hope you will follow me on my new paths. I have several new projects in the works and plan to share them all.

Creative link to me http://www.facebook.com/730Thursday

14 January 2012

new journey for me = thrilled to the moon me.

yep. i am in. see you monday.

I am all about soul. Now lets get the business part.
Monday I step into a new journey. I am feeling nervous, excited, thrilled, nutty lots of new feelings.
Like I am starting college all over again. Wow. Crazy fun.

So I am sure some of my blogs will be about my journey. I hope that you find inspiration and passion with me during the next 10 weeks.

Here I go. Most grateful I am.

Link to read more about what I am up to = http://www.hellosoulhellobusiness.com

13 January 2012

oh to be a small dog

little Pearl Button and I
So today I started all sorts of new projects and goals for 2012. Biggies. Really exciting and so good for me as an artist, designer, illustrator (who few folks know about) Discovery.

I hope to discover all sorts of hidden talents and wisdom while creating and connecting with other artists and like souls this year.

My littlest doglet Pearl Button will be on my lap (or my hubby's) while our older wiser dog Clover will be nested on the floor ~ both will be great sources of inspiration and big smiles daily.

Oh, the love of a dog.

12 January 2012

a touch of green and calm

this is just lush and lovely and oh so good

gentle and precious and found in nature = adore
A gentle thought today. Growing. Green. Natural loveliness that is asleep this time of year where I live.

These remind me of  a secret garden that holds mystery, joy, stories to fill your quiet mind.

Today is Friday and I am going to reflect on growing as an artist while looking forward to growing lush greens in Spring.

Happy Winter. Here's to appreciating the beauty of a cold day too.

http://pinterest.com/ thank you for the photos.

11 January 2012

finding strength and creative power

adore paper and words = powerful pretties

this statement rings so true with me

i like not seeing what all the words say. more mystery. more fun.

a little start to some puffy paper hearts. i love the directions creative can go.

just a snip of this and that and magic hearts are born.
So it all starts with a tiny plan. To create. I am learning (rather teaching myself) to create without the judgement of something being good or not good. Everything I create seems to take me to the next place. For this I am most grateful.

I love the power of a word. I love knowing that several meanings come from how an object is presented. For me I search for a little peace a little pretty and always wanting to achieve old. History.

Next step take these strengths to canvas. Yep. Here I go.

Please let me know how you might get past the judgement of your creative. I would love to learn some new ideas. Merci'

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