30 November 2011

dear elves (in toyland)

similar elves needed

There are times in my studio when a sweet elf or two would really help me out. I imagine handing over a project (always something different and fun) to my elf and asking nicely could you please trim these out and add a dash of glitter? or could you please sew 15 custom envelopes for these gift certificates. or could you please cover 20 clip boards for the big silent auction event on thursday evening.

You know simple little requests like these. We would be listening to zippy tunes and having snacks and a whirl of interesting conversation too.

So for today I am imagining I am lucky enough to have an elf or two helping me meet my deadlines.

Thanks for the energy of wishing!

Photo courtesy http://pinterest.com/pin/628491377/

29 November 2011

my love of type (French inspired this time)

the white space and illustration on packaging is perfect!

wonderfully created for just a short time

yep, it is all good!
I have always loved type, fonts, letters. The way one letter can connect with another. This is why I became a designer. I still marvel at writing and how the emotion and moment can be expressed with one line. Traveling recently I wanted to take pictures of everything written, designed, illustrated etc. The tricky part is that I would be snapping shots of everything. I tried. Smile.

Today I am creating in the studio several different projects and paying a very close eye on the type.

Choosing to adore the letters again.

Photos by me taken in Paris.

25 November 2011

details that make life so rich

ancient city in France
For me the daily details I collect make life so rich. this photo from France I took just points to the pop of color in the windows and shutters. I often have wondered if the windows and shutters are painted such lovely poppy shades to let the energy of life inside? I think I will do this in my next nest I call home.

I am playing catch up to real life at home and in my studio.

So for now I will say. Happy day after turkey day. Remember, all you have that is good.

23 November 2011

home from the most beautiful trip

hubby and i traveling in a dream

view from nice to monaco

beauty everywhere

our drive from nice to monaco and into italy

me at versailles

my first sight of the tower
home from our travels to nice, monaco, italy and paris.

wow. i have so much to write about and so many pictures to share. for now i will say the trip was everything i could have ever imagined and more inspiring then i have words for.

i am so so so lucky that i was able to see these glorious places and plan to go back.

for this moment i will plan turkey day dinner then more blogs to come.

merci for following me.

14 November 2011

traveling to France = no blogs for a bit

dream coming true me in France
Thank you lucky stars. Everything lined up (not sure how) and we are off to France. First stop Nice, second drive the countryside to end up in Paris. Thrilled is not enough to express my excitement. I will be away getting lots of inspiration and happiness to bring back to my tiny 730 thursday studio.

While away I hope everyone who is reading my blog does one thing to help your dream come true.

Merci. For reading my blogs.

13 November 2011

Art Show at Guild = Success

    paper window with added art work for the big event yesterday. layers & layers of yummy goodness.

one of my vintage shrine bottles for sale at guild

me and my friend Laurie - nice to have good friends
today I am feeling grateful to my friends who came to visit me at Guild yesterday. what a difference it makes to have people who really care for us and show up. the day was festive, twirling and really successful. I did eat one to many sprinkle cookies (thanks Pam) Special thanks to my hubby who helped so much. wow.

more to come.

10 November 2011

grateful for my girlfriends

my talented designer stylist martina
yep. we played up the color in my hair even more. sweet.
today I had the unexpected pleasure of getting a mini make over. thank you martina and melia.

I thought maybe a simple splash of red in the front but, instead my friends (knowing I am going to France) said you need to look more like your funky artist self. Hard to see in these pictures but we are talking bright red and yummy bleach. Yes. I do love it.

Next a rather odd moment in my life. Make up. Yes, Melia patiently applied make up to my very un made up face. What a wonder make up is. Wow. Now being an artist you would think I could learn this trick. We will see.

I know I had so much fun and felt so loved and lucky.

Thanks for the pampering today. Martina is one of the owners at Hairazors Salon. They do great hair and really nice pretty make up too.

link to the salon http://www.hairazorsinc.com/

prayers answered - grateful heart

view from terrace adore

views from hotel windows

pool at hotel

notre dame outside of hotel entrance
Today I go to rest feeling very grateful and giddy. I have been gifted a trip next week to Nice, France. Yep. I AM GOING TO FRANCE. Any of you who know me ~ know that I have always dreamed of going. Life has been a tough uphill climb for me (which I appreciate at times) this is one climb I am so incredibly grateful for.

So next week I will fly with my sister in law (world traveler) and my hubby (love of my life) to Nice. I honestly do not care what I do. To walk, listen, take pictures and just appreciate the fact that this place I dream of daily really does exist. This gives me all sorts of hope, inspiration and plain ole joy.

Grateful beyond.

These lovely photos are courtesy of the Hotel Mercer Center Notre Dame. I of course will have one million photos of wacky yummy Frenchy love.


09 November 2011

swirls of aged lovelies

so the love of texture continues on another fun shade

fresh water pearls, crystals, lace, tea stained fabrics all cream and white

like fresh fallen snow. simple. airy. calm.
the quest continues for me to design and create many pieces for the art show on saturday. i am actually doing pretty well. i sure would like a bit more sleep. so with that i shall rest for tonight.

i do adore your comments so please take a minute and let me know your thoughts. merci'

07 November 2011

a shrine of sorts

vintage lampshade used to create a shrine of sorts

another shot ~ really this looks best when you meet in person

details just strung one after the other

vintage beads, sewn papers, antique laces, torn fabrics, bakers threads

spirited and peaceful and so happy just plain silly happy
project name. religious mexican folk art virgin mary inspired lamp shade shrine (of sorts) this was a ball to create and I really love it. now to get emotion out of it and sell it on saturday. yep. this saturday at guild this will be hanging and pouring out great energy.

moving to my next project. it is only eleven. one more to go before i rest.  oh, and that ad for 318 cafe'.

again. i really enjoy hearing from you so please comment and let me know your thoughts. merci.

link to the show on saturday http://www.facebook.com/GuildCollective

link to the 318 cafe (wonderful music and foods and drinks) if you have not been GO! http://www.three-eighteen.com

06 November 2011

paper window = check done

three vintage books later the walls in the window at guild are layered and happy

tear, crunch, crumble, tape, repeat on all walls = happy paper walls

a little of this and a little of that = all fabu

everyone needs a treat

loving the wall with this gorgeous settee and pillows
the window is dressed with papers and papers and papers. it looks pretty cool i think. as the week builds so will the windows at guild. we will be adding and creating the window right up to the big event which is the 12th.

most of our handmade artwork will not be shining until the 12th. surprises are so much more fun.

back to creating. lots to do. wish i had a few elves.

link to guild http://www.facebook.com/GuildCollective

link to artist designer at Guild Debra Pesek http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000316485096

link to Pam Mondale (all things Guild) http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1608251333

my crazy flipped out love for paper

paper wreath. yep. folding and folding and layering and wrapping and loving paper.

milagros are my all time favorite things i have collected them for over 25 years

little words make a difference in life. always be kind.

layers of paper, vintage linens, metal tinsel, glass garland, coffee stained lace, praying milagro

just a glimpse of what's to come. my nod to Betty Davis.
dashing out the door to go and paper a window for the big event to happen next saturday the 12th at Guild. oh yeah, paper this paper that. everything vintage and repurposed in this window. loving making something from very little. feels good.

often i wonder "maybe i will go live in that airstream we look at daily online, and travel around doing window displays" hey a girl can have a wacky dream now and again.

happy sunday to you. again, i adore comments and love to know what you are thinking when you read my little blog. so feel free to comment. really it is so simple. many moons of thanks to those of you who do comment and follow.

event dish found here http://www.facebook.com/GuildCollective

04 November 2011

day three of three project per day

lots of coffee and tea stained linens, fabrics, and a dash of sparkle

details are so much fun

the happy "who" wreath inspired by mr. green himself

again with the details and vintage loves

carried away with details

creamy yummy velvet vintage glowing

tons of lace, vintage fabrics, tinsels, flowers.
today marks the end of wreath making (for a bit) tomorrow begins more surprises (nothing round)

i think i might have to pick up the pace from three per day to more on the weekend. since this is the last weekend before the big event on the 12th. of course there is display set up eve on the 11th. i will definitely be making several projects at the same time this weekend. like a juggler of sorts.

i do love creating pretty lovely happy goodies. i just imagine the folks who buy them will have a little bit of shiny joy in their homes. nice thought for me.

i am also happy to say i am designing for a fun event that involves make a wish foundation. that makes my heart smile just knowing i have a tiny little part in helping some wish come true.

designs by me =  http://www.facebook.com/730Thursday

03 November 2011

day two of three projects per day

details of my blue, cream, icey wreath

icy snowflake wreath wrapped in vintage textures

more is just ~ well nice sometimes

amber holiday sacred wreath

lots of textiles torn with cool frayed edges
today marks my must complete at least three projects per day until the 11th for my show at Guild. I have lots of ideas and not short on inspiration (all good) I could however, use the clock to slow a bit.
Yep. That would be most helpful.

I am going to crank on a few more wreaths then I must mix it up a bit. A girl gets bored doing the same thing (even if each one is totally different from the other) After all they are all ROUND.

So these are just a couple hints of my holiday collection which will be on November 12th at Guild.
I intend to have three collections. one being tradition vintage retro happy red and green, two being creamy frenchy soft snowy velvet, three being religious with a twist of texture.

Again, comments are most welcome. I love to hear from you.

link to guild where the show will be http://www.facebook.com/GuildCollective