01 November 2011

little Pearl enjoys sunshine

wondering what this is sharing her window seat?

she loves her new bed we made her

just gazing out the window. thanks.

time for another nap.

happy snoozing me (pearl)
Today is the first of November. The sun is still coming through the front windows and creating playful joyful patterns. Our tiny Pearl loves the sunshine. We have taken a few (hundred) pictures of her lately as she is constantly posing.

We made her a custom doggie bed and the minute the pillow was stuffed and added she knew it was just for her.

I love the way her curious nature is looking up and out the window. Then the sunshine and warmth snuggles her to a yummy sleep.

I wish for all of us this kind of peaceful day and sleep when we rest.

Clover our lab rests closely behind her. Nice.

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