02 November 2011

deadlines of a different kind

piles of vintage goodies everywhere i look

trying to keep them orderly in bowls (hey, trying)

step one. green styro gone. magic.

shabby chic meets vintage holiday

vintage ornaments find new homes on the circle of happy holiday wreath
So I am use to deadlines in my design world. They are so natural for me it does not seem odd at all.
Here is my challenge. I am having a art holiday show at Guild this year on the 12th of November with my artist friend Debra. We are calling ourselves Snow Studio.

I have been so slammed that I have just started the journey of creating tons of detailed holiday goodies.
So I made a plan. Three projects a day. Then I will have over 20 handmade vintage items ready for the big day. Yep.

My hubby will be building some really spiffy cool new items as well. Together we will all end up sharing ideas, artwork, a day of friendship and interesting memories.

Today I completed 3 items. Now to rest. Three more await me tomorrow.

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