30 December 2011

sounds simple. making it happen.

little design inspired by words = adore
Live what you love.

Little words that each sound simply lovely alone and together make me think, "Am I doing this?"

I know that I must create or my spirit does not shine quite as bright. Actually I do not know what would happen to my spirit as I have always been lucky to create.

One of my goals this New Year is to wake up and ask myself ~ to do what I love. I am going to try hard to change enough patterns that I am living what I love most all of the time.

Sounds like a journey I will enjoy. Each bump will take me to a new path that will bring more insight to my little world around me. I hope.

Live what you love. I invite you to come along. I think we could have wonderful conversation about its meaning.

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28 December 2011

style so fresh and sweet


I stumbled on these precious little paintings and had to share. These are just so special with the capturing of personality and sweet attitude.

The fresh style is very appealing to me. The white space around the little creatures is just perfection.

Please refer to the link above to see all of these darling goodies. Enjoy!

26 December 2011

beauty shots in Paris

the neutrals with mod lights, a great mix

i fell big time for these little glass vintage tags that once marked pear trees
There is something about after the holiday crazy fuss that makes me want a neutral place to pad around in. Sounds good in theory not sure if I will make this happen or not. I have so many wonderful pictures from my travels in Paris. I love the mix of vintage and mod, dark and light, steel and wood.

I think it is about appreciating differences in textures, pattern, color for me.

Something new to create for the new year. What fun!!!

25 December 2011

a wonderful christmas and a few new treasures to share

mr. fraser fir did a dandy job of standing up with all of his ornaments. thanks freddie.

some pretty flowers from mom and dad. i adore fresh flowers.

a make shift little bar for the holidays.

natashia. my first christmas with out her. i know she is watching from her cloud in heaven.

some ornaments i bought and some i made for my mother.

new milagro. i adore milagros. she will be watching over our living room.

a quick mantle re do. the greens dried up. oops.

just a pretty shot.

a new virgin mary from my mom and dad. love her and her rosary.

new vintage crown from mom and dad. wow.
Today was a fun day of giving and receiving all sorts of blessings. Health ~ mom and dad and hubby and I all good! Thankful.

We also exchanged presents. I felt so giddy to have received some artwork I longed after, a beautiful vintage dress from hubby that I admired, some milagros, virgin mary, more blessings to add to our home. Now for all of the good spirits to send up and watch over us.

Tomorrow starts a new journey for me. I will stay on track yep. I will even try to talk about my journey in this little blog. For tonight I am most happy, full of turkey, and thankful to feel so loved.
Merci to the moon and stars above.

Gratefully I go to rest.

24 December 2011

merry christmas

On the eve of Christmas. I have on wish to share. I wish that you know joy when you have it, appreciate your health when it is good, share laughter when you can and make the most of the moments we are given. Know when you are loved. Thanks for following my little blog! Merry Christmas and much joy!

23 December 2011


I would like to build this nest one day. so sweet and simple and lush.

a shrine of sorts = beautiful

love how simple and pure this is.

Maybe, in January I will make things all white.

Serenity = the state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled.

This is a lovely place to find yourself if even for a few moments while we all rush around busy with the season. Take time to laugh, watch a silly movie together. Light candles, eat fun snacks, nap, antiques shop for no reason just for sheer joy. Most of all find a little peace in the day.

These photos each are so artful and lovely. Simple statements of using easy life, words, textures and peace to create a moment.

Photos all courtesy of http://pinterest.com/

22 December 2011

color oh so French

the colors are so wonderful in the frenchy blue and white case

you must go inside. incredible beautiful yummy.

so pure and sweet

our little box of joy to take with us.

some calming neutral pretty after all that sugar.
Today I found myself thinking about color a lot. Trends for 2012 will start showing up in retail and clothing. I would like to take the colors in the first photo and create an entire line of something fresh.
I think I just might design these for Spring. I love this idea.

The creams and neutrals are so peaceful in the last photo I took. I am drawn to these neutrals around me at home, like a calm in the storm of my busy world.

In 2012 I would like to create more with these colors so fancy and move toward getting neutrals around me more.

Then I would wish to move to Europe. Any tips you might have on moving to Europe for a year please share. I would be most grateful.

Peaceful Holidays and Happy Colors!

21 December 2011

special order holiday card = glee

client asked for 1920's beach folks. okay. done.

vintage this, vintage that, bathing beauties, all the joys the world can offer

details. you know how much these make me tick. yep.

back. envelope sewn from wall paper.

again with the details. yippee. more swimming fun.
For me there is nothing like a special order project. I just have a ball. Yep. Again, my technique of finding a little pile of goodies and then just start layering and painting ~ alittle glue a dash of glitter and some sewing (always sewing) step away come back. Looks worthy of gift giving.

I really do have so much passion for custom work. Best part knowing some one who received this little piece of happy ~ feels the love I put into my work.

Tomorrow starts another day of creating. How very lucky I am.

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20 December 2011

studio 730 spreading joy

studio 730 thursday = me spreading holiday joy
Today is a fun day for me starting NOW!

I get to deliver gifts to people I love, pick up some checks, buy a treat or two, eat toffee and listen to fun music in the car (that is running perfectly ~ thanks hubby) and then come back to the studio.

Once back in the studio. I get to sew, wrap, glue, dream and create!

What a jolly jingle filled day for me.

Make yours swirl for you!!! Spread JOY!!!

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19 December 2011

one special card hand delivered today = sweet

client asked for a pretty lovely card. lucky me.

upclose detail look

card is made on a vintage book cover. envelope on back holds message.

vintage pieces from France. adore.
Today I had the pleasure of custom making cards for a special client to give. Dreamy day in the studio. Rare. I love being paid to create lovelies by hand. Oh, I do feel special being able to design as a graphic designer with my trusty apple (who I am so so fond of)

I have often had the dream that I could just create handmade items by request or not and make a living. I know it sounds easy but, really it is not. You must balance how to survive in the ever expensive world with passion for art.

Gratefully, I wake each day with the love to create and I get to. So somedays seem more magical then others. I am most happy for each of them.

Hope you enjoy seeing my little items. Joy!!!

a little snap of holiday tunes for your monday morning

quirky spins on holiday fav's

long time fav of mine. Indian Giver will make you giggle.
For me music is my muse. I get so lost in it that I totally just create without thinking so deeply. I love the passion I have for design and I would have to say my passion for music is right up there.

For Monday morning here are a couple holiday all time fav's of mine.

More holiday skipping and twirling prepared for the next few days. So happy up!

Here we go! Make sure you sing along while you listen.



18 December 2011

our holiday gathering

Santa glowing to greet our friends

some yummies on the table. more came with friends. thanks everyone.

treats for our guest. we also treated everyone to a homemade box of toffee.

entry way table saying hi glad you are here.

our little marble bar. ready for guests.

happy friends at the end of the evening. one couple is missing, we should have taken the picture before the end of the night.
A little gathering of lovely souls, lifetime friends and a warm decorated home = super fun!

Our last minute call to some friends who are true blue and love to enjoy shared moments. Ask each to bring a tasty treat and magic wand twirl you have a party. We had such fun catching up and hearing funny stories while snacking on delicious homemade chicken wings, dips, cheese plates, truffle cakes, more dips, more cookies, homemade toffee (thanks to my 83 year old mom in law) really the list is incredible the delights we ate. YUM.

The sign of a good party for me is when you look up at the clock and it is 1:30 in the morning and everyone says, "oh I guess we should be going."

I love a full house of fun friends, filled with laughter and glee. For me these are some of my most important times in life.

Grateful I am. So grateful.

17 December 2011

a few of my favorite things

this vintage oil painting from a dear friend hangs in my bathroom

another vintage painting in my bathroom I adore the wacky pretty

vintage mesh metal bag from a girlfriend and bracelet from mom

me on my wedding day getting ready. jewelry so pretty. cool broken lamp that holds jewelry.
I was thinking today how lucky I am to be surrounded by such pretty things that mean so much to me. In their broken wacky fragile odd ways they remain precious to me. I can remember who gave them to me, how I felt and how happy I am to see them each day. Certain things just let me escape to another time and place.

One reason I am being reflective is it is the gift giving season. For me I would much rather create a piece of art for that someone special or hunt for the silly vintage goodie. I have a hard time going to stores and just buying new stuff. The history and love that comes with handmade or vintage speaks much more to me.

I think tomorrow I will start making more gifts and take pictures for my blog. You can share in my happy thinking and maybe you can create some goodies too.

Happy Almost Christmas!!!

15 December 2011

Recipe for Cranberry Chocolate Chunk Cookies

mixing with a kitchen aid is nice

white chocolate chunks and milk chocolate chunks and cranberries = pretty

simply love my kitchen aid mixer

make sure to preheat your oven

little dollups of dough = sweet

cookies cooling so sweet and festive
 Here's how. Really yummy and worth the effort. Promise

1. Arrange 2 oven racks in upper and lower thirds of oven. Preheat oven to 375 degree F
    Line cookie sheets with parchment paper
2. On waxed paper, combine flour, baking soda and salt; set aside. In large bowl, with mixer
    on medium speed, beat butter, sugars and corn syrup until just creamy. Beat in eggs and
    vanilla until blended. Reduce speed to low. In 2 batches, add flour mixture, beating between
    batches until just blended. Stir in 2/3 of cranberries and chocolate pieces. Refrigerate dough
   15 minutes or up to 1 day.
3. Drop dough by rounded tablespoons. 2 inches apart, on prepared cookie sheets (return
    remained dough to refrigerator) Bake 5 minutes. Working quickly, press some of the
    remaining cranberries and chocolate into the cookies. Rotate sheets on rack and return to
    oven for 6 - 8 minutes longer or until the edges are golden brown.
4. Transfer cookies to wire rack to cool completely. Repeat.

Store cookies layered with waxed paper. You can refrigerate for up to one week or in the
freezer for up to one month.

2 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1 Teaspoon baking soda
1/2 Teaspoon salt
3/4 Cup butter (1.5 sticks) softened
3/4 Cup dark brown packed sugar
1/4 Cup granulated sugar
3 Tablespoons light corn syrup
2 Large eggs
2 Teaspoons vanilla extract
1 Cup dried cranberries
4 oz. white chocolate chopped
4 oz. Semisweet chocolate choppedprep time 30 min ~ total time 1 hour plus cooling
makes 3 dozen cookiescranberry chocolate chunk cookies