22 December 2011

color oh so French

the colors are so wonderful in the frenchy blue and white case

you must go inside. incredible beautiful yummy.

so pure and sweet

our little box of joy to take with us.

some calming neutral pretty after all that sugar.
Today I found myself thinking about color a lot. Trends for 2012 will start showing up in retail and clothing. I would like to take the colors in the first photo and create an entire line of something fresh.
I think I just might design these for Spring. I love this idea.

The creams and neutrals are so peaceful in the last photo I took. I am drawn to these neutrals around me at home, like a calm in the storm of my busy world.

In 2012 I would like to create more with these colors so fancy and move toward getting neutrals around me more.

Then I would wish to move to Europe. Any tips you might have on moving to Europe for a year please share. I would be most grateful.

Peaceful Holidays and Happy Colors!

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