09 December 2011

the search for mr. fraser fir and bringing him home

this year we went local again. we love local. no cutting it down ourselves. thanks garden patch.

tom (owner of garden patch) and me. it was windy.

mr. fir in the bug. i swear my little car can hold anything.

Mr. Freddie Fraser Fir in the living room ~ warming up

bottom branches we trimmed loved hanging from the mantel
For us it was all about getting a tree last eve. We  looked for coupons online, we searched a few lots, the local grocery store etc. Then we had a moment where we said, " hey lets go local, sweet and have a lovely time with a fun memory." Garden Patch locally owned since 1979. Yep. That was it for us.
We usually drive 2 hours away and cut down our own tree. I am always a bit sad by the cutting down. So this year, no cutting just sheer glee and happiness finding our big boy freddie the fraser fir.

Freddie is the largest Christmas tree I have ever had the delight of having to decorate. Yippee.

Okay, so the lights proved challenging (which is why you have no lighted tree photos yet) My darling hubby headed off to Target and scored some (long story but, a good one here) I have offically put 1050 lights on Freddie and he needs more. His bottom branches are cold and bare of lights.

Off to Target I go. Fingers crossed there will be a couple of boxes for me to grab.

Later tonight we will have lights and hopefully ornaments.

Todays tip is this.
• BUY ALL THE LIGHTS YOU CAN. You can always return them later.

Happy Tree trimming to everyone. I just love Christmas lights.

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