11 June 2013

my love for creating shrines, alters of sorts

Ever since I was a little girl I loved putting sacred special things in my life grouped together and feeling the energy that came from them. I have always done this and wondered if others build these magic spots to find peace in?

As I get older I make more. I find treasures from friends, pieces of my past both found and created that need to be with other like things. Magic is born. I find that if I create these all around our home (which seems totally natural to me) I feel safe, good, strong.

Our home becomes a sacred space where I feel good to live and share with friends. I never care if home is a bit messy or out of sorts as long as pieces of love are gathered together to share with others.

I even create my gifts as traveling shrines. I like this about me. Feels good. I am owning this rare love about me. I am feeling grateful that I find special love for details and celebrating them.

Grateful = me.