11 April 2013

my heart breaks and i remain so thankful and blessed

Today I said goodbye to my best friend of fourteen years = Clover. Man is this stuff hard. Do the right thing, love unconditionally, know when the time is here. Yes, we knew we walked the path and our girl is in heaven tonight.

I still hear her little (okay big) steps on the wood floors around me. I am still thinking oh should i let Clover out and play in the snow? I could not love dogs more and she was my second "child". Having never been able to have a child of my own, dogs have completed me. More then any relationship in my life, dogs have done it for me.

If I could do nothing but, love dogs every minute of everyday I would choose this.

Clover was this gentle spirit who has been with me through divorce, death, illness, joy, meeting my soul mate and marriage, unwrapping squeaky toys herself - you name it. I have been cared for and so unconditionally loved by this sweet spirit.

I was blessed to care for her. Love her. Know her. Oh how I will long to hear your footsteps and rub your ears Sweet Clover.

Your dad and sister Pearl Button and I remain ever true = in love with you.