27 August 2014

Dream marches BIGGER. We are MOVING north.

downtown main street in Galena - charming historic art filled goodness = local

views from end of main street looking across the park

history is everywhere

driving into Galena in July. i took this picture. the view is never something you tire of.

Ulysses S. Grants home from 1865

Wishes, dreams are wonderful. They can build and change and always create more in life. We are packing up everything we own (again) and moving North to a small river town Galena Illinois.
I am thrilled. Yes, I will miss a few friends, the ocean and warm weather, shrimp. I can visit and come back to splash in the ocean - and I will.

I have wanted to live in Galena since I was in 6th grade. Our class took a school trip on the yellow bus to tour the home of Ulysses S. Grant.  I was immediately smitten with the history and charm that seemed to pour out of this little town. I grew up in a small river town called Camanche in Iowa. Camanche is one hour and 45 minutes away.

I am learning so much about myself and I am most grateful for all of it. I moved away from Iowa once I graduated from college. I have lived in mostly big cities for a very long time. I thought that I needed to live by the ocean. I did. I did it and now I know that I need more charm, history, seasons that change, community that I can feel and know. I need Galena. I am praying that Galena needs me.

So I continue to move those mountains. Be brave and shine = I am doing it. I am proud.

We have rented a beautiful historic home built in 1846. We will be packing our big truck up end of October and rolling into the fall weather and bonfires.

I am so grateful for my life. I am filled with creative spirit that will shine even brighter as I move across this beautiful country. Going back to a small river town knowing it is home.

Oh and my darling hubby has a wonderful new job waiting for him. So flipping proud of him. He is my best friend and love who totally gets me and how to live a full life.

photos above (except for the one i took) courtesy of the web images of Galena.

dreaming even bigger = starts now

dreaming bigger making it happen = moving another mountain

always knowing what really matters in life.
 today was a good day. i learned a great deal about staying true to my soul and my art. i had all sorts of people i do not really even know share the kindest words to me about my art. i know that i am meant to move great things with my art. i am doing it and it is only going to shine brighter.

i am in the middle of making a huge dream come true. my hubby is a huge part in making this happen with me. my little jrt pearl button is always by my side telling me i can do more hard things with great love.

so tonight i rest knowing that my world is unfolding in its perfect time and space. sure some things are rattled around from time to time, that is life. being alive allows us to dance around and grow our thinking = oh i am grateful for these gifts.

love sweet love.

23 August 2014

Dream big then dream even bigger. Knowing that trying is everything!

shrine built surrounding my big dream of making top 50.

i love this book and this woman Lilla Rogers.

shrine. lilla rogers book, journal, painting, sacred heart, sacred feather for flying bigger and braver.

Lilla Rogers 2014 Global Talent Search
Dreaming big then dreaming even bigger. This year is all about growing from the inside out for me. Creating vision boards of dreams. I have moved away from tons of paying work to focus on me and my art and getting it out into this big world. Sure money is tight but, the knowing the climb and the mountain moving is surrounded by all of my energy = feels amazing, feels right, feels true, feels like the me that has been waiting to be. For this I am the most grateful girl ever.

I entered this contest created by the most talented Lilla Rogers and her team of brilliant folks. I have been a fan of Lilla's since living in Dallas Texas over 20 years ago. I respect her philosophy on life and talents. I believe in her thinking (very similar to mine) I covet her putting it out there in this world.  I know that I will meet her one day in person and thank her for the gifts she brings to all artists.

For today I will continue to create, create, create and send it out into the world the only way I know how. Pour myself into the truth I know, create so much daily that it fuels passion in new ways, keep learning and discovering and being brave. Push fears and anxieties out of my path. Believe and know that my voice and art are meant to be heard. I am here to inspire, nurture, give love and be gracious to others and myself.

I say thank you to Lilla Rogers. I say thank you to my husband who embraces my year of making art and designing for me.  Gratefully gushing is something I can never ever do enough of.

18 August 2014

Grateful as can be = lucky me lucky me

Somerset Studio Article = my passion for presentation

yes, my heart flipped with joy.

counting my blessings daily = knowing my passion

loving this article so grateful
Today was a most lovely day when I opened my mailbox. I always love getting the mail. I am not even so concerned with what's in the mailbox I just love the thought of what might be waiting. I love seeing hand writing, notes, papers. It is always a surprise even when it is a bill. I always love walking to the mailbox. Imagine my glee when I opened it today and waiting for me was this treasure Somerset Studio Magazine with an article on me. Yippee.

I have been marching towards lots of dreams this past year. Blazing new trails and facing fears like a crazy person. Knowing my heart and what I love. I am so lucky to have always known I was born to create. I feel very grateful that a sweet talented women Jana found my blog and my artwork. I have always been going to submit art. I even have it on my vision board for this year. Super karma at work Stampington found me.

I ended up sending Jana my piece of art that she liked from my blog with a how to. This artwork will be features in Art Apprentice September 2014. Super duper lucky that I packaged the art in my most happy pants fashion (I simply adore packaging, wrapping and all of the details you can add to a treat)

So not only will I have my piece of art published soon but, they loved my packaging so here it is in Somerset Studio.

I am noticing the shift of love for what I create in myself. I am more gracious with my knowing my path is right in the perfect time and space.

Bonus, I love the color orange and it is happily all over this article. He he he!!!


03 August 2014

so flipping excited about jumping in

mixing it up. i have been my entire life.

knowing simple can be stunning.

appreciating every little thing i can.
So flipping excited this week on the 5th Tuesday.  I will be getting an assignment from the 2014 Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search. I am thrilled to be jumping in with 10,000 plus other artists around the world. I know that I am meant to be seen in this world as Kelli May-Krenz. Blasting out with a full heart of knowing that this life is meant to be walked with pride and living full out.

Yes, I want to be in the top 50 you bet. I want each and every assignment. I want to show myself that I have arrived to the table of "noticing". Yes, I want to be noticed for my art, my giddy positive joy that fills me up each day when I am lucky enough to wake up and create.

So on this fine Sunday eve I am super happy to be looking at this fine week and celebrating on the 5th = the day I get my first assignment.

Let's go. Let's play. Let's create. Let's know that sharing creative energy is pure raw goodness!!!