20 August 2012

combining talents = grateful

Photo by Jessica Brogan (see link below) type + design by me

Photo by Jessica Brogan (see link below) type + design by me
I am grateful to have made a few artistic connections while taking my class Hello Soul. Hello Business. There are few things more rewarding then connecting with like souls who inspire us.

Jessica Brogan from Austin Texas is one of those talented artists I have the luck to know and muse creatively with. I have a mad love for design and type. Jessica is a brilliant photographer and artist. She emails me these amazing images and immediately I see what to design in my head. Rare and again grateful I am.

I love both of these very much. I hope they inspire, bring joy, a smile, hope to those of you seeing them.

More of Jessica Brogan found here http://www.insearchofdessert.com

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06 August 2012

3 thoughts for today

so important to fill yourself up daily

little treats are nice. like driving with the windows down.

Monday is always a great time to start fresh and new. Tidy up in my studio, organize my project list, make a new look board for happy energy. You know get grounded from the week before. I have decided to update the blog header and colors as well.

I am excited lately about the change I am feeling inside. Some of me is scared, hopeful, excited, thoughtful about how all of these changes will come together in my life. I know that most of all I need to be grateful for everything I have right now. While keeping my dreams focused on my heart and filling it up.

I have lots of sprucing, organizing, designing to do ~ off to change my world one step at a time.

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03 August 2012

Home Sweet Home For Sale on 11th of August. M

Built in 1915 the house is filled with magic, updates, and love.

New firepit by the cottage studio so pretty at night.

one shot from the porch to the back yard

lovely screened in porch off the back of our house.

front window boxes. i love details.

master bedroom, with bath. lovely light filled and so serene.

cottage 8 houses up the hill from Lake Minnetonka beach. Lovely.

Main level bath. Fresh and new.

living room to dining room to screened back porch. great flow.

living room to dining room again.
One huge factor in this dream coming true for us is selling a home I have loved and designed for the past 17 years. Oh the delight and new sense of wonder I will have to know it is sold to folks who get the lake lifestyle and love. This home has so much magic and good energy. Really just dreamy.

I say these words with a bitter sweetness about leaving. There are times in your life you just "know" it is the thing you must do. This I must do. My hubby and I have worked very hard to prepare the house and our heads to move. Now, it is mostly what I think of. Dreams coming true take lots of hard work and listening to that inner voice.

My inner voice is strong and it tells me to live by the ocean. So I will. Crossing all fingers and praying and working really hard ~ we will move.

For more information on this lovely home you can email me at www. kelli@730thurday.com

01 August 2012

daily belief. my dreams.

This lovely little quote is perfect for today. I am not there yet but, closer than yesterday. I march daily towards my dream of creating Pearl Button full time. My dreams of walking by the ocean everyday, tracking sand in the house, a white sofa with colorful pillows, ice cold white wine in a mexican handmade wine glass. Days with good friends. Simple things really.

After spending so much of my life in the home we now live in ~ it takes time to part with most things. Most of our furniture will be sold. Then of course our home, which will go on the market in days. I am sure you will be reading lots more about this in days and weeks to come. I will be crazy with pictures and sharing the journey.

Yes, my dream is alive and well as I rest my head tonight. Grateful to have dreams that can come true. Most thankful for having today.

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