31 January 2016

loving life - celebrating moments I am

Pearl Button cherished beyond 

magic when I hold her 

she is pure love 

nothing more real pure light 
This past week was a rush of living life out loud and fully. Friends visiting (who have never been here before). New journey into learning more scheduling and order to my creative days with a very talented mentor and coach. New online class that requires me to be brave, learn more and take more leaps into faith and a knowing in my heart.

Then came an hour of sunshine through the window, fun clothes to play dress up in, layering my pearl necklaces (all gifts from friends) putting a bit of silly on and holding my most precious little Pearl Button.

My hubby grabbing his iphone and snapping some photos of this space and time in my life.

Yes, I am 52 and still learning every single day. Yes, I am aging and changing both inside and out. I work daily at embracing all that I am. Loving me fully for the goodness I know I have. These photos are not retouched or doctored up to look special. For me these photos represent taking a moment in my life to say this, "Kelli you are so blessed to be alive, have love surround you and truly know beauty."

Celebrating the precious everyday. I am trying. It makes a difference. Loving more.