20 January 2013

Taking this moment to Shine

daily affirmation = designed by me

lifetime of learning to understand this = getting it

grateful = in my life for finding like souls

find beauty in everything around you = noticing
I am back. Yes, I am doing it. The muses in my life must be working overtime today. My word for this new year is Shine. I am going to do my very best to make sure I shine daily. I am choosing to shine on others, goodness, light, love, inspiration, grace. I am choosing to shine on myself, by being true to my artist self.

Following my heart and busting it in directions that might be fearful. Marching strongly towards being the real artist that I am. Not listening to others, ignoring judgements, caring about me, who I am.

Feeling great about getting my Etsy site ready for new artwork and vintage items. Blog design to link up with Etsy. Wow. I am feeling myself starting to shine. Man am I happy about this. Here we go.