25 March 2016

knowing life is precious. i love you mom.

vintage Virgin Mary card flea market find. graphics by me.

I have not posted in over a month. I realize how very busy my life, studio, creating is. Lately, the past six months or so I have had a huge cloud hanging on me. I know the feeling too well, it is sadness and knowing I do no have the ability to fix it. Life seems to be the most challenging for me when I realize I cannot fix something with kindness and grace.

My mom is very sick. She has been very sick. I try to keep my personal issues separate from my social media world. I am noticing that I can no longer do this, as they are running together in my head day and night.

My mom has a bunch of health issues that are not good. We are now facing the unknown of tremors and loss of some normal things we all take for granted. In two weeks we will go to the University of Iowa and have some tests done that will confirm what we are dealing with.

I am an only child as many of you know. I have moved back to the midwest to be one hour from my mom and dad, as my mom's health has been really bad for the past three years. I am here now. I am ready to be everything and anything I can be for my parents. I am super grateful that my hubby and I are nearby. Lucky.

I have met and faced many challenges in my life. Many so huge I feared not getting to the other side.
I am needing help of prayers and maybe even friends who can hold my hand at times.

My prayers are for the doctors to find what is causing this latest health issue for my mom and to give us all the strength to help her and find that we can help her with medicines.

Time is so precious. I know it everyday when I wake up. Love to all who read my random thoughts.
Thanks for caring. You mean the world to me. I love you Mom.