31 October 2011

my passion for dogs

our three girls. natasha is being brave in heaven. design by me.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am crazy about dogs. I often prefer them to people. I have always had a passion and a knowing that I was meant to have a dog or several. I continue each day to learn something incredible from my girls. I wish that I could share even a little of the joy they give to me.

Creating on my first love = dogs. Inspiration is plenty, focus is good, reading everything I can to help me start smartly. I am thinking it will be the freshness and the truth that will end up being the best to pull design from. Just be me and see what sticks.

Facing new directions courageously. I am starting. A new month a new beginning with lots of faith in what I love.

design by 730 thursday http://www.facebook.com/730Thursday

top two photos captured by hubby dan krenz http://www.facebook.com/danielkrenz

bottom photo captured by Adam Emajyn Adolphus http://www.facebook.com/EMAJYN

mischief is brewing in studio 730 thursday

a little spooky witch and some fun type = boo

the moons must see all on halloween

Today in the studio just a few off the work schedule Halloween graphics. I will not be dressing in costume this year, not sure why, just not. So while Fall is crisp in the air tonight the ghosts and the goblins will run in delight.

Graphics my be. Studio 730 Thursday.


crazy goofy for vintage

I just adore the poppy red in this set up. The poka dots are happy peaking out.

nice random zips of color mixed with black.

vintage advertising = adore.

I have always been drawn to vintage clothing, advertising, most things actually. My visit this weekend part two to Guild (see link below) I found myself wandering from one cool vintage find to the next. How I made it out with only buying some reindeer moss to add to my African Violets is still a mystery.

For me it is all about the stories that are created when a vintage item is given a new home with me. I love imagining where the items have been. How they traveled for me to find them. I have learned over the past several years to edit my things. I am good at this. Sure new finds will trickle in but, always with a clear vision of what I will create and or wear with my find.

Folks who know me, know that I am popular for my sales. I change my thinking or my latest collection then I sell so someone else can enjoy.

I do so love vintage clothing. Maybe, I should just keep my basics and go with only vintage. Something to ponder as I twirl around this new day.

shopping source and photos taken at http://www.facebook.com/GuildCollective

29 October 2011

a tiny outing filled with inspiration

designed created by Debra Pesek http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000316485096

designed created by http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000316485096

designed created by http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000316485096

this little fella is for sale at http://www.facebook.com/GuildCollective

designed created by http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000316485096

Today I took a little trip to see my friend (fellow artist) Debra Pesek at Guild here in MPLS. I have featured some of her latest creations as I found them to be just full of life and beauty.

I love knowing that we are surrounded by art of all kinds. I appreciate so many styles and the fact that someone took time to express themselves. Debra is a very lovely designer in the way she mixes colors, textures, styles. Always fresh always full of unexpected pretty.

I am lucky to know talented folks and to be able to share insight on what makes them tick. Often I wonder what others go through in their creative process. I know mine and have come to understand what fills my creative life up. Grateful for all of these gifts.

As for the stuffed animal, I just found it amusing.

You can connect with Guild on facebook through this link http://www.facebook.com/GuildCollective

28 October 2011

many layers of life and love

this is nicely created and the space is kickin'

French so perfectly French

layers to create a perfect cocoon nest

the plants growing so simply in this light

lovely spot to curl up and dream
Again I am thinking about the layers in life. I just adore layers upon layers that fill up my days and world. there are so many pieces that make up one single day. I appreciate being able to pick out some of those pieces (moments) and enjoy them.

These photos above are all so different yet, share the same sense of a person who really knew what they loved and created it. Beauty that will stand the test of time. Style that is signature and fresh. I know for me it is all about the story that makes up the moment.

Off to discover some of my layers to create with before I sleep tonight.

http://pinterest.com/ all photos found here.

26 October 2011

the love in my heart for Texas

one of my most favorite cities. adore.

I would go dancing to country music in this with boots. of course.

Our home would be filled with found objects. shrines of our journey.

lots of milagros hung around the house.
There are days I wish to move back to Texas. I lived there for ten years. The spirit is so different there. I wonder if I miss that spirit or my being really young, more? I know this ~ there is no other place I have been where I connect with the land more. Odd, I grew up in Iowa. Southern spirit is alive in the foods, music, laughter ~ everything really.

My pretend today = Today I am traveling down the road with my goodies from Minnesota sold and behind me. We have a vintage Airstream behind our truck and we are headed out on 35 for the big state. We will have a sweet little home that will be totally simple and lovely. Our porch will always be open for conversation and dreaming.

Sometimes I just wonder if maybe, changing most everything is the way to go? Keep the kids (dogs) keep the hubby, continue to be an artist (this is in my soul) sell the goods and be free. Anything can happen, you just need a plan. Yep.

http://pinterest.com/ thanks for these great photos.

25 October 2011

creating holiday happiness in my messy studio

a little section of mess

more detailed shot of organized mess


I often wonder how I can come up with a layered lovely piece when my studio seems to have so much stuff swirling around my sight. Focus. I must have really great focus? I do know this. I must have all sorts of materials, inspiration around me or I feel too exposed. I like the cocoon I build around myself when I create. I love having lots of scraps of material around me to pull from. So I guess I am all for the mess.

Here is the tricky part. I am also a graphic designer who sits and dreams up creative and brings it to life with my trusty mac. Trick is I do not like having all the stuff (materials) around me when I design on the computer.

Since my studio is one small space this makes it all about focus for me. yep. I often dream of a studio that is large enough for one end to be designer world and the other end to be artist world. I know they are one in the same but, something about keeping them separate at times is good for me.

Tonight I leave my studio with loads of design work happy and this one tiny piece.


24 October 2011

there is nothing like a pretty scarf

this would make me very happy to wear. i just know it. http://www.etsy.com/listing/83215609/silk-neck-scarf-in-vintage-brown?ref=v1_other_1
this would be fun to mix in with my fashions http://www.etsy.com/shop/prettypennydesigns?ref=seller_info
simple graphic love the tag too http://www.etsy.com/shop/barkdecor?ref=seller_info
there is nothing like a simply pretty scarf to make me smile. i adore vintage scarves and handmade ones the most. these are all from etsy (links attached to each).

note to make = a scarf can make your entire outfit look zippy. take an otherwise plan shirt and zest it up with just a bit of dash that is unexpected. fall is the perfect time to start playing with scarves.

here are some of the ways i wear mine. belts. around my head & neck. tied onto my handbag. around my wrist. sometimes i just throw one in my little car for good measure. you never know when you are going to need some extra happiness.

heck. just seeing them in my closet makes me smile.

worth taking a look

this is just so wonderful I had to share http://www.etsy.com/people/bgisland?ref=ls_profile
I just stumbled on this while rabbit pathing on Etsy.

This is one seriously talented artist.

I just love how minds work. Dreamy.

my love for paper, textures, vintage paper, threads, sewn paper

 I love pinning things to walls, it seems less permanent. This is a great idea.

The formal look with the threads roughly hanging ~ great combo.

Beautiful lettering, lovely patina, simple shape = brilliant

Maybe, a bit too perfect but, the idea is sweet.
I have always loved paper. My most favorite thing about school starting each year was that I knew I could go school shopping and get new papers and pens. I could spend loads of days in a paper store, vintage book store. Yep.

I have a passion for sewing paper. I just love stitching it together. So much more fun then fabric (although I do loads of that too). There is something about the stitch going through words and the crisp little dot of a hole it punches. I know there are other paper crazy designers who adore sewing paper too. I would love to meet them. I wonder how to connect with these other liked mind artists. Perhaps my blog will start reaching out to these folks?

This week I will create with more paper as I just scored some good vintage books at a local estate sale. The pages are just waiting for me to bring them a new life. Sometimes I wish I did not need sleep. I have so many ideas swirling around in my head. Rest I must.

Paper can wait. That is another great quality about paper, it just stays and waits. Oh, yeah maybe it turns a different color and ages but, that makes me love it even more.

http://pinterest.com/  link to the photos above.

22 October 2011

one of my oldest dog friends Fannie came to the sale. thanks Fannie.

can you believe this chair did not sell for $25. I know.

happy table. tomato red table. fun.

one of the hostess's pearl. awake and helping others.

dog tired pearl. napping in the sunshine. adore.

handmade sparky banners in the trees. festive fun.

our cottage and the sale leading up to it.

vintage pumpkin on table with apple cider and cookies.

Pearl is posing with the big pumpkin. darling.
Our cottage sale is over and boy what a sale. Always a ton of work but, fun to visit with neighbors and random folks who come to all of our sales. We were totally lucky with beautiful weather in October. A lovely little frost settled in one morning so we made  bonfires each day to keep the chill off. We figured the yummy fall scents would attract people in, it worked. I always love creating a sale that makes a good memory for others. Hopefully, when you look at your treasure you remember the sunshiny October day and it makes you smile.

So Saturday night and we are snuggled in and glad the sale is over. Thanks to everyone who came over and made Clover and Pearls Cottage Sale successful and a real treat.

Now I am moving on to creating handmade goodies for a Holiday Snow Studio Sale.

20 October 2011

unexpected surprises with a French twist = Adore

this sounds exactly like something I would say, exactly. http://curlygirldesign.com/blog/
most wonderful surprise for me http://www.touchofeurope.net/23916/Cavallini%20Decorative%20Paper%20Tape%20Paris.html
Today we had a yard sale we named Clover & Pearls Cottage Sale. This was in our tiny cottage in our backyard. I tricked things out as best I could (photos to come) and we made a bonfire, had warm cider, cookies and  priced things to sell. Chilly but, beautiful sunny day. Sold lots of stuff too.

Here comes the unexpected surprise for me. Lucky me. First one friend comes over with the card shown on top, and says this sounds exactly like you. She is right. I love this card. I felt giggly and happy to be thought of in this way. Thank you my friend.

Then as if things could get any better another friend pops over with this amazing mind altering (for me, yes) gift of tape. Oh yes, tape. All themed on French goodies. So the energy I am putting out about Paris is coming back to me in such sweet and loving ways. I never expected. Thank you my friend.

So today I go to rest, tired, happy to have day one of the sale over. Most of all feeling very grateful to have people in my life that know how I adore Paris and all things French. Thanks for knowing me and treating me to such special presents.

I hope I can surprise you both in such a magical way soon.

Oh, I really hesitated to share the link on the tape but, I felt it only right. smiles.

19 October 2011

crazy busy in my studio

one set of bookshelves looking sort of organized

one work space totally messed

some new cards i have designed looking orderly
I know most folks who post on their blogs only show super style, super clean, high fashion and tidy spaces. I am not going to be one of those folks. I hope to become more and more tidy in my studio but, face it when I get busy with lots of projects I am messy. A very organized mess of sorts.

I look forward to the end of this weekend when we will have our cottage yard sale behind us. I will clean and nest in my studio. Create for my deadlines without distraction of setting up the sale. Yep. I look forward to organizing my space. For now I thought I would share some of the slightly okay spaces in my studio. There are some really big messy spots too. I am not sharing. thank you.

I am not sure any artist is really perfectly organized. Maybe, you are one? hum.

18 October 2011

keeping my dream alive

I am sure that this red door will be waiting for me to step inside.

I will find French treasures like this.

Morning. Yep. I will be enjoying this delightful start to my day.

1967 shot of the flag. Adore this picture.

1967 shot of Paris at night with a perfect glow.
I dream of going to Paris. I think of it daily. Oh, I have tried a few times and something has always kept me from realizing this dream. I have a very strong will and a knowing that I need to go to Paris.
I know that I will wish I lived there. Serious, I just know this. I have heard all of the stories about Americans that travel to Paris, none of them even cast a shadow on my dream. Nope.

So this week my mind is in France. It is traveling, eating, enjoying the flea markets, the simple smells of baked breads, the wine, the dancing in the streets in the evening, the walking and walking and realizing that I am in France.

I know this will happen for me one day. I must get a plan. A real plan and set it into motion. So any helpful tips on how to make this plan and for that matter dream come true. Please do not be shy just post away and let me know.

Most gratefully. Me.

http://pinterest.com/ top three photos from pinterest