05 October 2011

a dear friend and his sale that makes memories come alive

a very large selection of silver fun

i adore tables that look like this

china, french yummies and more

this pair of chairs and their settee partner are dreamy

european linens blowing in the lake breeze

vintage black collections all piled up

even the bowls are styled. serious.

so I have this dear friend named Jim. he is one of the most talented designers i know. he can walk in a room and know exactly what is missing, what could be torn down and what can be built. i have been lucky enough to be friends for at least a dozen years.

tomorrow he is having a sale under a large white tent in his yard. we went tonight and of course immediately served a glass of bubbly in a pretty vintage glass. while strolling through the tables my past and history of knowing my friend all swam over me. i wanted to buy everything that connected us. well i could not do that. darn it. so i am feeling all sorts of love for times gone past, laughs we shared, decorating together, styles that we are over.

i am happy to see that like me my friends know what really counts to hold onto, people, relationships and truth. these are the most important of all.

you will need no luck to for your sale my friend. all of your pieces tell great stories just sitting on the tables waiting for new homes.

i did get a few treasures. yep.

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