13 October 2011

nesting the layers in my world

birds just amaze me such art they build to live in

my love for paper and flowers finds this very nesty

style to wear in my nesty little life

thankful i know silly youth
Today. So much swirling around in my world. Work in the studio, creative for me that needs to be started, home to take care of, which leads me to the nesting in my life.

I am a big nesty girl. As I look around my studio, home, closet, the styles I pick all of them have the same thread running through them ~ layers, very focused layers.

Nest = Layers. I love taking something and layering it so many times until it simply takes on a new life. I do this everyday. Funny, how you can do something all of the time and then one day you realize you have been doing this forever.

Having layers and dreams written hanging around me just make me feel safe, alive and very anxious to create. Sometimes I wish that I could feel rested with no sleep so I could just keep creating. For now I will sleep and wake to create.


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