31 October 2011

crazy goofy for vintage

I just adore the poppy red in this set up. The poka dots are happy peaking out.

nice random zips of color mixed with black.

vintage advertising = adore.

I have always been drawn to vintage clothing, advertising, most things actually. My visit this weekend part two to Guild (see link below) I found myself wandering from one cool vintage find to the next. How I made it out with only buying some reindeer moss to add to my African Violets is still a mystery.

For me it is all about the stories that are created when a vintage item is given a new home with me. I love imagining where the items have been. How they traveled for me to find them. I have learned over the past several years to edit my things. I am good at this. Sure new finds will trickle in but, always with a clear vision of what I will create and or wear with my find.

Folks who know me, know that I am popular for my sales. I change my thinking or my latest collection then I sell so someone else can enjoy.

I do so love vintage clothing. Maybe, I should just keep my basics and go with only vintage. Something to ponder as I twirl around this new day.

shopping source and photos taken at http://www.facebook.com/GuildCollective

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