16 October 2011

creating in my studio on a sunny sunday

new logo created by me

in the studio this weekend working on projects. snow studio is a new adventure that i am doing in november with a sweet friend of mine. we will be selling handmade art pieces at a local cool store called guild for the holidays. that is the crazy part (saying holidays and creating snowy christmas items) i love christmas but, really just getting my head wrapped around it can be hard right now. so thought i would share a couple fun logos for today.

logo created by me

this is the logo i created for our last event we shared together. quite fun. i loved calling the art show cake. seemed random but, fit the sale for so many reasons.

i think tomorrow i will share my list of creative in the studio for the week and some new designs. yep, that is exactly what i will do. enjoy today!

http://www.facebook.com/730Thursday to see more of my design, art and illustration work.

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