04 October 2011

creating your own beauty

i trend towards the making http://pinterest.com/

my escape dream spot for today http://pinterest.com/
luckily today is sheer beauty outside. the trees are heavenly painted and the birds are doing their best to call attention to all of us to look up. well i for one am looking up and filled with inspiration. these are days when i say thank you to my little sun roof. yes, my car is over eleven years old and i still adore her and love driving her each time. yep.

escaping to the beach. not just any beach. one that no one knows your name. you can just read and look and hear the tumble of the waves. nice. nothing to hurry to, nothing to worry about, just a peaceful day me and the waves. nice dream.

today I have many many things to create. so i will dream and design with my windows open and the leafs a changing. the beach will come in time.

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