24 October 2011

my love for paper, textures, vintage paper, threads, sewn paper

 I love pinning things to walls, it seems less permanent. This is a great idea.

The formal look with the threads roughly hanging ~ great combo.

Beautiful lettering, lovely patina, simple shape = brilliant

Maybe, a bit too perfect but, the idea is sweet.
I have always loved paper. My most favorite thing about school starting each year was that I knew I could go school shopping and get new papers and pens. I could spend loads of days in a paper store, vintage book store. Yep.

I have a passion for sewing paper. I just love stitching it together. So much more fun then fabric (although I do loads of that too). There is something about the stitch going through words and the crisp little dot of a hole it punches. I know there are other paper crazy designers who adore sewing paper too. I would love to meet them. I wonder how to connect with these other liked mind artists. Perhaps my blog will start reaching out to these folks?

This week I will create with more paper as I just scored some good vintage books at a local estate sale. The pages are just waiting for me to bring them a new life. Sometimes I wish I did not need sleep. I have so many ideas swirling around in my head. Rest I must.

Paper can wait. That is another great quality about paper, it just stays and waits. Oh, yeah maybe it turns a different color and ages but, that makes me love it even more.

http://pinterest.com/  link to the photos above.

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