20 October 2011

unexpected surprises with a French twist = Adore

this sounds exactly like something I would say, exactly. http://curlygirldesign.com/blog/
most wonderful surprise for me http://www.touchofeurope.net/23916/Cavallini%20Decorative%20Paper%20Tape%20Paris.html
Today we had a yard sale we named Clover & Pearls Cottage Sale. This was in our tiny cottage in our backyard. I tricked things out as best I could (photos to come) and we made a bonfire, had warm cider, cookies and  priced things to sell. Chilly but, beautiful sunny day. Sold lots of stuff too.

Here comes the unexpected surprise for me. Lucky me. First one friend comes over with the card shown on top, and says this sounds exactly like you. She is right. I love this card. I felt giggly and happy to be thought of in this way. Thank you my friend.

Then as if things could get any better another friend pops over with this amazing mind altering (for me, yes) gift of tape. Oh yes, tape. All themed on French goodies. So the energy I am putting out about Paris is coming back to me in such sweet and loving ways. I never expected. Thank you my friend.

So today I go to rest, tired, happy to have day one of the sale over. Most of all feeling very grateful to have people in my life that know how I adore Paris and all things French. Thanks for knowing me and treating me to such special presents.

I hope I can surprise you both in such a magical way soon.

Oh, I really hesitated to share the link on the tape but, I felt it only right. smiles.

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