18 October 2011

keeping my dream alive

I am sure that this red door will be waiting for me to step inside.

I will find French treasures like this.

Morning. Yep. I will be enjoying this delightful start to my day.

1967 shot of the flag. Adore this picture.

1967 shot of Paris at night with a perfect glow.
I dream of going to Paris. I think of it daily. Oh, I have tried a few times and something has always kept me from realizing this dream. I have a very strong will and a knowing that I need to go to Paris.
I know that I will wish I lived there. Serious, I just know this. I have heard all of the stories about Americans that travel to Paris, none of them even cast a shadow on my dream. Nope.

So this week my mind is in France. It is traveling, eating, enjoying the flea markets, the simple smells of baked breads, the wine, the dancing in the streets in the evening, the walking and walking and realizing that I am in France.

I know this will happen for me one day. I must get a plan. A real plan and set it into motion. So any helpful tips on how to make this plan and for that matter dream come true. Please do not be shy just post away and let me know.

Most gratefully. Me.

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  1. Can't wait to take the trip with you Sweet Pea!

  2. Paris! You will both lose your minds with excitement and the romance of it all. I literally get sick to my stomach when I see people there in movies and on TV. I miss it terrible. You should read the book The Flaneur: A Stroll Through the Paradoxes of Paris by Edmund White. A very small, short and fast read. It is one of my favorite books. Also as you take a sip of coffee and smell that very distinct smell of diesel fuel from a delivery truck at the same time the two smells mixed - that is exactly what Paris smells like (and it makes me have flashbacks as soon as I smell it) - also sometimes baked goods or roasting chestnuts if you go in the winter. I can't tell you the transformation you will physically feel the second you step out onto the streets the first time. You are literally overtaken with all the history and architecture like someone finally shook some sense into you. THIS is what living IS! YIKES! Look what you made me do....ramble on about my favorite memory next to my kids being born and getting married - Paris. Love the blog. :)