28 October 2011

many layers of life and love

this is nicely created and the space is kickin'

French so perfectly French

layers to create a perfect cocoon nest

the plants growing so simply in this light

lovely spot to curl up and dream
Again I am thinking about the layers in life. I just adore layers upon layers that fill up my days and world. there are so many pieces that make up one single day. I appreciate being able to pick out some of those pieces (moments) and enjoy them.

These photos above are all so different yet, share the same sense of a person who really knew what they loved and created it. Beauty that will stand the test of time. Style that is signature and fresh. I know for me it is all about the story that makes up the moment.

Off to discover some of my layers to create with before I sleep tonight.

http://pinterest.com/ all photos found here.

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