04 October 2011

vintage kitch a part of me that is alive & well

this horse is just a ball. i love him. of course he is for sale on my etsy site.

after collection over 120 birds for my back porch i am selling some. it's time.
 i could not resist this one.

I have this love for vintage it spans a great many things. I also have a need for order, editing, not having too much stuff around me. I like good design, I love order, I like the sense of peace as I walk through our home. With that said it is always a challenge to have little things speak to you as you antique shop and thrift. Yes, it is very challenging. I have been fairly good at saying no you cannot come home this time to most things. Lately, well after I opened my little shop on etsy, I now say, Yes, you should come home and let me polish you up then live with you a few days. Sorry you will end up on etsy. 
I have always adored packaging items and wrapping and over wrapping and styling. So this etsy shop is right up my alley. Love it. I love wrapping and tucking in tiny surprises for the buyer. Really it is still so much fun. Okay, it has only been a few months. I think I am hooked for good. I am starting to add my handmade cards, envelopes and passion for paper items too.

I am grateful that my mind rarely rests. 

I am grateful I have several muses in my life that keep me twirling to my own voice.

I am grateful I am listening to my heart and passions. 

So for today it is all about being grateful and enjoying my today each little minute in it. 
Then of course, there is the fact that the weekend might bring a treasure home to be polished and listed.

oh and here is my etsy site just in case you are curious. have fun! 

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  1. the little horse is sold of course. drats. i thought maybe, he could hang in my studio longer. hum.thanks etsy.