26 October 2011

the love in my heart for Texas

one of my most favorite cities. adore.

I would go dancing to country music in this with boots. of course.

Our home would be filled with found objects. shrines of our journey.

lots of milagros hung around the house.
There are days I wish to move back to Texas. I lived there for ten years. The spirit is so different there. I wonder if I miss that spirit or my being really young, more? I know this ~ there is no other place I have been where I connect with the land more. Odd, I grew up in Iowa. Southern spirit is alive in the foods, music, laughter ~ everything really.

My pretend today = Today I am traveling down the road with my goodies from Minnesota sold and behind me. We have a vintage Airstream behind our truck and we are headed out on 35 for the big state. We will have a sweet little home that will be totally simple and lovely. Our porch will always be open for conversation and dreaming.

Sometimes I just wonder if maybe, changing most everything is the way to go? Keep the kids (dogs) keep the hubby, continue to be an artist (this is in my soul) sell the goods and be free. Anything can happen, you just need a plan. Yep.

http://pinterest.com/ thanks for these great photos.

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