05 October 2011

a fun client project leaving the studio today

gift certificate design with custom everything

envelopes, stitched, vintage book bird pages, embossed, feathers, tie closure

combo sets

backs of gift certificates are sheets from vintage bird books
I adore clients who let me brand them with no limits. ADORE. I secretly search out these fine folks and then get them hooked on original artful design. Nice trick if you can get it. I find that being a graphic designer is wonderful but, I have such passion for papers, and fonts and sewn paper that whenever I can I use it.

I think these will do the happy dance for people who buy one. The shop I am branding and designing for is a wonderful bead shop in Excelsior. Birdstone Bead Studio. The owner is amazing and so very very talented. Like museum pieces she creates. So with that said I am trying to customize everything she gives out (business cards, signage, packaging) you name it I am doing it.

So these goodies will be delivered today. I sure hope it gets at least one twirl.

You can find more of my designs at this lovely little link

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