13 October 2011

the art of editing our home

one shelf holds so many sacred things

vintage bottle art by me

opening a drawer to find little treasures taking a break
As I look around our home I am noticing that I love to edit our spaces. I tend to always love the same sorts of things but, I like to move them around, give them new spaces to be in. I am not sure why I do this but, I love to.

 I love items that are broken and odd. Things that others would walk by or see as useless. I adore broken hands, pieces of jewelry, numbers and vintage type. I feel that having these odd little items around reminds me that things do not have to be new or perfect to be beautiful. Actually, the old and more life in something the better for me.

I am starting a new project in the morning. Creating items for a holiday event. I am focusing on using vintage book pages, torn fabrics, words and some sparkle. I look forward to seeing what comes of this mission of holiday.

Posting pictures of my creations in the near future.

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