22 October 2011

one of my oldest dog friends Fannie came to the sale. thanks Fannie.

can you believe this chair did not sell for $25. I know.

happy table. tomato red table. fun.

one of the hostess's pearl. awake and helping others.

dog tired pearl. napping in the sunshine. adore.

handmade sparky banners in the trees. festive fun.

our cottage and the sale leading up to it.

vintage pumpkin on table with apple cider and cookies.

Pearl is posing with the big pumpkin. darling.
Our cottage sale is over and boy what a sale. Always a ton of work but, fun to visit with neighbors and random folks who come to all of our sales. We were totally lucky with beautiful weather in October. A lovely little frost settled in one morning so we made  bonfires each day to keep the chill off. We figured the yummy fall scents would attract people in, it worked. I always love creating a sale that makes a good memory for others. Hopefully, when you look at your treasure you remember the sunshiny October day and it makes you smile.

So Saturday night and we are snuggled in and glad the sale is over. Thanks to everyone who came over and made Clover and Pearls Cottage Sale successful and a real treat.

Now I am moving on to creating handmade goodies for a Holiday Snow Studio Sale.

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