25 October 2011

creating holiday happiness in my messy studio

a little section of mess

more detailed shot of organized mess


I often wonder how I can come up with a layered lovely piece when my studio seems to have so much stuff swirling around my sight. Focus. I must have really great focus? I do know this. I must have all sorts of materials, inspiration around me or I feel too exposed. I like the cocoon I build around myself when I create. I love having lots of scraps of material around me to pull from. So I guess I am all for the mess.

Here is the tricky part. I am also a graphic designer who sits and dreams up creative and brings it to life with my trusty mac. Trick is I do not like having all the stuff (materials) around me when I design on the computer.

Since my studio is one small space this makes it all about focus for me. yep. I often dream of a studio that is large enough for one end to be designer world and the other end to be artist world. I know they are one in the same but, something about keeping them separate at times is good for me.

Tonight I leave my studio with loads of design work happy and this one tiny piece.


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