11 October 2011

dreamy muse in person, and in the front row.

madeleine peyroux and band
so there are days when the stars just line up. yesterday the little stars did just that for me.

here is my list of goodies that fell straight from the stars

• i found out that one of my goals is following me on twitter (helpful)
• inspiration hit for a gallery show that i am doing with my friend. title of our show Snow Studios.
• lunch was out of the studio.
• received an email from one of my favorite artists.
• arrived at the madeleine peyroux concert to be offered (on the sidewalk) front row tickets for a $10 per ticket upgrade. FOR REAL. There we sat dead center in the front row. total wow for me.
• headline artist who opened named Nellie McKay (wonderfully fresh) bought her cd, met her and chatted, gave her my tiny scissor knife so she could easily open her cd's for signing.

really just a lovely simple happy day. grateful i am.

today i got up super early for me 6 to crank on creative in the studio, so far all is snapping along just swell.

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