11 July 2017

Reflecting on this year so far, as it is my birthday week! Wow!!

Honored to have been asked to be in the fine gallery Outside the Lines in Galena. 
Making our nest "OUR OWN" We purchased this home in May. 

Designed, branded and styled this beautiful boutique for one of my best friends.

loved daily these two. my hearts.

Published in one of my all time favorite magazines Uppercase Mag.
Landed the cover of this book Uppercase Magazine published.

Discovered new painting styles within me. 

created spirit wands and loved every minute. 

our home. 

cut lots of hair off and went blondeR.

I always love to look at what my year looks like half way through as my birthday is July 15th. This day is so special to me as I have always been one to celebrate life. It has even more meaning to me since I turned 39 and almost left this heavenly earth. I am much more mindful of my time, energy and how I give love. I am delighted and most grateful to be turning another year older on Saturday.

I made a quick list of things that I have accomplished this year so far. I make vision boards and I use them. I do well with visuals they keep me on track. Gratefully I create more.

I overcame much fear, anxiety and really ended up proud of myself so far, so good. I face new stuff everyday like most of you. I am bound and determined to overcome the stuff that gets in my way.

Quick list.
1. I taught at Art is You in Minneapolis to wonderful students and fellow artists. Praying to be asked back as it was freeing, loving and so much more then I hoped for.
2. We purchased our home we had been renting for two plus years in Galena. We can now make it our  own and do improvements. We so love this house. Most of you know it was once a church built in 1838. Oh, the energy here is magic!!!
3. I love designing logos and so far I have created, branded 13 logos and counting.
4. Painted 16 new spirit warriors.
5. Added 11 new cards to my card line of 90. Now at 111. Love that number so much.
6. Co-hosted one benefit here in Galena to help a friend.
7. Super honored to have been published 3 times with Stampington Magazine.
8. Super honored to have the cover of Stitch - Illo and 8 pages featuring my art by Uppercase Magazine.
9. July 29 and 30 my art soul sister Lisa Sonora will travel from Oaxaco Mexico to co teach a two day workshop here in Galena. This is her only workshop in the USA this year. I am honored beyond.
10. Celebrated birthdays, mothers day, fathers day, and lots of everyday graces.
11. Designed and printed my licensing book. They are being created into loving artful packages that are flying around this country.  I am firmly believing I will be licensed. Yes, I will!
12. I am now making every effort to be featured in Where Woman Create as this has been a dream of mine for over 15 years. Must make it happen.

So as I reflect on Jan to July I am feeling proud of me. Proud of the family and friends who love me and help me be the very best ME i can be.

Thanks for showing up to be in my world. You matter a lot to me. With love ME.

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