29 September 2011

my life with dogs

incredible book http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_1_5?field-keywords=a+dog%27s+purpose+by+w.+bruce+cameron&url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&sprefix=a+dog
clover 12.5 the sweetest soul

pearl 1 year the precious peanut

today marks one week that our precious 15.5 year old nattie has gone to heaven. i am listening to the wind wild around me and i cannot help but think of the wind as change. winds letting me know all of the possibilities watching over me.

clover and pearl are sticking together. they are an odd little couple. pearl brings out the playful side to clover. no time to miss sister nattie with pearl jumping on top of you. although i bet when clover dreams at night she is walking next to nattie in the backyard, inspecting the same smells.

i am only fresh into the pages of A DOGS PURPOSE but, i can tell you this is one book (if you love animals) you will want to read. it is playful, and real, and silly, and touching, and really makes you think (good stuff) and remember i am only on page 53. yep.

so for tonight i will finish up in the studio and off to snuggle in with my hubby, my girls and listen to the winds blowing all the possibilities to me.

28 September 2011

color on my brain not leaving yet. nope.

these are rockin on this sofa. pillows made from sweaters. http://pinterest.com/

i adore the color on this piece. aged to perfection.http://pinterest.com/

simple. pretty. functional. i like these a lot. http://pinterest.com/

what a delightful way to tell what time it is.http://pinterest.com/
color. again color. so i found these goodies on pinterest. aren't they happy. each one looks like it could get up in the night and dance (of course, we would be sound asleep) smile.

i think that paint can bring a new spirit to just about anything. funny i can go from super lux to super simple farm girl stuff. it all just brings a glow of happy to me.

i think i need a big loft space next or maybe we will get that airstream we look at every night at bedtime?

swirling some color.

fall designs happening in the studio today

a lovely client of mine Lily European Inspired Home Furnishings
This morning it is all things fall in the studio. 

A tiny beginning to the layers and words that will make up some pretty designs for a client. 

I love the journey of designing. 
Type, pictures, words, imagination and music (to get me out of my head) all part of the process.

Starting today with sunshine and the simple snappyness of fall.

27 September 2011

a bit of color, handmade goodness + one creative great idea

love this, however, i still think everyday is a good day.http://pinterest.com/

a little gramma cozy is always welcome http://pinterest.com/

great idea for keeping your threads happy http://pinterest.com/

color is a tricky good subject. i adore color and seem to be very good at mixing it up. naturally color just happens all around us all of the time. i delight in taking a color or hue that might not be the most popular and making it work ~ like taking the one not so pretty cupcake (cause you think no one else will eat it).

i hope that i dream in full living color tonight. with fall starting in the trees it is hard to not feel a bit more alive and in love with color.

when i dress for my day tomorrow i will mix it up with some new mix from my closet. you might want to as well ~ see if it puts a little twirl in your day.

on my mind. paper. dogs. laughter. creating.

dog card designed by me with vintage dog photos. adore.

paper folding. hooked right now. giggle, laughter I need more.

another dog card. vintage fabric, beautiful quote, some threads, paint, happy.
So today I am all about creating for me. Yep. I know I have client work (most grateful I am) I also need to just make some pretty things for me, our house, my shrines, our girls. Just in general get some ideas in my head out and move on to the next adventure that awaits.

I am wanting to build something with paper. So we will see what in the world this turns out to be. Fun and oh so rewarding I just know it. Mostly when a single idea keeps playing in my head like a loop I know that it must be made or I will be crazed until it is.

I have stopped moving chairs around. My hubby is pleased with this. I now want some electricity on a wall that has none. That is a bit more of a challenge. Lighting. Hum.

For now it is off to paper creation for me. As night closes in it seems like the only thing to do. Smiles.

26 September 2011

artful nesting a season i adore

happy easy darling want! http://pinterest.com/

this would be most happy on my neck. one please. http://pinterest.com/

this is brilliant. i am going to create one. i adore everything about this. http://pinterest.com/

beauty in simple yummy form. http://pinterest.com/

making these tonight. not sure why. abundance.http://pinterest.com/

Trees start telling us to switch up our fashion. I listen. I am getting ready. Okay, so I need a few trips to the vintage stores, a few handmade textile yummy items to mix in, some new tights without feet, maybe (dreaming here) new cowboy boots in the red colors I have longed for (with big stitching and that great square pointed toe) very old western rocker. Yes, I have a pair in mind.

There are so many little things that get me all happy for seasons. This season holds candles, the smells of baking, leafs crunching, wind blows with more sound, soft blankets seem to appear gently draped on chairs, furniture moves around to better snuggle in. Oh, so much to be excited about.

Today I am designing, dreaming and planning what chair to move next.

25 September 2011

the circus = check

pre make so wearing my glasses

coco and tif ~ after makeup with tif

a few of my doggie circus designs for sale

packed house of circus bonanza

Well the Greatest Show on Earth went off with a bang. The branding, designing, creating, circus minded me helped to create a packed event. I am proud when this happens. Events like this teach me so much about myself, and others. I am grateful for the lessons. Some lessons in life hit hard some hit slightly softer. I am always happy to have a blast of clear minded vision.

Today, I wake with clear focus and vision. My heart remains empty missing our Nattie. I am fueled with the desire to create more, focus more and pour energies into the places in my heart that are so important.

Thank you to my friend Marie who loaned me this great 1940's dress. Thanks to my friend Tif who applied my makeup (something I never do) it helps a lot. Thank you to my friend and jewelry designer Connie who designed these gifts I am wearing. Thanks to my hubby for supporting my artist life. Thanks for the desire to get up each day and live happy looking for the little moments that make me twirl. Yes, twirl.

23 September 2011

one day without ~ natties shrine glowing bright

So I am a shrine kind of gal. I adore shrines. I always create them. This one today is for Nattie.
Her picture so happy and well sitting on the french daybed (delighted). I love this picture.

I have saved little tufts of her bunny fur for years and tied a thread around the center of it, like a little bow. They are now in a wire nest sitting snuggly for me to see. I will have these forever.

I know Nattie is at peace. I am grateful for this. I just miss her.

For tonight we miss you girl. I hope that you are running through the meadows and leaping around.

22 September 2011

oh, how Nattie was loved

Natasha Bunny Fiedler May Krenz
Tonight I had to say good bye to one of my best friends. Nattie. 

She lived to be 15.5 years old and boy did she go in style. 

My hubby and I will have great places in our hearts that feel empty. 

We know she is at peace. Blessed for this knowing.

I have no good words for the sadness in my heart. 

I will just say.

I am grateful to have been loved by her and I will miss her dainty little steps and her heart forever.

tiny top hats fresh from my studio

to honor our dog friends - dog top nest

dog love

peacock love

peacock detail on tiny top hat

blushing top hat
Just a few new goodies I am creating for The Greatest Show on Earth Fever 8 Fashion Show. Yes, all things circus. I love being a designer and getting to brand events to the moon. So have made tiny top hats, handmade (designed) cards, fun vintage giggle happiness, and much more to honor such an event.

So this Saturday the event is happening. What will I move onto next? I might have to stay in the circus for awhile, I do love it here.

21 September 2011

this kind of beauty exists

this is a world my mind plays in while washing the dishes, cleaning the house, walking the dogs. i get this world on a level that i have no clue where it comes from. i love the layers upon layers of color and fabrics swirling together. i cannot imagine the power the models feel wearing these creations.

soft and powerful. two really great words that combine beautifully in my mind.

a gentle night for me. nice really. 

steady for the circus

designed by me 730 thursday studio

well tonight i must hunker down and create all of the things i want to sell at the great event on saturday. germs need to run (serious you have been with me long enough) go!!! i have many handmade cards to create so hopefully, i will be fast like a bunny and make it happen. my very beautiful 1940's copper satin vintage dress (borrowed from my best g in Florida) arrived today and it fits. so i have something to wear. now to keep going on the creating. the winds are blowing hard here and my candles are flickering and music is jazzy so all is good in the tiny studio of me.

yes, i will move past circus just not this week. smiles.

20 September 2011

our nest we live in

our ever changing entry way table - for tonight

dining room shrine wall to 730 thursday
details i adore

beautiful painting by my best friend marie
i believe i am watched over

some of my fav's
milagros + mary + shrines = happy home
handmade sconce that lights seashells
So tonight I nested a bit. Fall is in the air. I am busy in the studio. I wanted to sneak around and take a few pic's of all of the many many shrines I build in our home constantly. I have this happy thing that takes over and I love to build shrine type places all around our home. Instantly they tell stories and take me to places I have found little broken bits and gently carried home. I love finding broken treats and placing them in our home for some peace and goodness. I love the way the candle burns and puts a tiny glow on everything. Instantly the world seems good and safe and I feel protected from crazy life.

The great part is I love crazy mixed up life. I just adore being surrounded by shrines from our life, my life, my friends and artists who see living like I do. Lucky for me to know this about myself.

I am also a big fan of editing space I live in. Objects must mean something, they must have a story connected to them. Nothing can come in just because it matches, truth is I would rather it not match. In the end the spirit of loving these pieces makes it all go together (at least for me).

Tomorrow I will hit the ground running, dashing and designing. For tonight I am creating in a glow that I am most thankful exists.

tuesdays originals. yep.

designed by me for 730 thursday
another 730 thursday happy thought

love love love for the tiny one

tuesday quote morning. studio packed with crazy deadlines, van morrison cranked (on some really nice speakers i love) my mind gets a break for a bit soon. hair gets cut, color gets tricked and i will apply lip gloss when complete. funny but, i always put my lip gloss on when finished as if this completes a total look for me. ha!

later today i will be racing around trying to get my twirling self ready for the circus show, you know the one i keep going on and on about.

hope the quotes inspire a terrific tuesday to you! you can see more of my stuff here http://www.facebook.com/730Thursday


tonight i rest while dreaming of dogs

vintage dog card designed by me 730 thursday

I have three dogs. My husband and I adore each one so very much. We have a 15.5 year old Siberian Husky, a 12.5 year old black lab, and a 1 year old tiny little dreamy JRT. The stories are interesting how we ended up with each fabulous tail. I would not change a thing.

I have a connection with dogs like no other connection I share. So I am designing some cards for the big event this Saturday, The Greatest Show on Earth, Fever 8 Fashion Show. Part of our proceeds will be given to help these little furry loves. 

I shall go snuggle with my hubby and 2 of our 3 girls.

tails down good night.

18 September 2011

rain. surplus store. too much codeine cough syrup. a blast.

the excitement builds as you drive up. really.

aisles and aisles of tiny bins with odd collections = love

happy people with snappy personalities
So today one adventure i was anxious to go on was to Axman.
Axman is a local surplus shop filled with loads of treats.  See i am making tiny circus hats (of course i am) for The Worlds Greatest Show on Earth at La Rue Marche (fashion show on the 24th)

When i get into branding, designing i just go to the moon with excitement and roll out every crazy idea that hits. i have lots. so i knew that i could not wait another day to get to Axman.

Well i have been fighting this germ and taking major med's. I started feeling a little loopy before heading out for the big adventure. my hubby asks, "did you take the codeine syrup and your other med's all at once?" Yep. I did. OH. This should be fun!! Yep.

The trip seemed a bit out of body but really fun. really fun. silly fun.

I am not sure the blue and orange tape would have seemed as cool without my germ med's.
I also am positive i would have never thought to buy these really ugly pens with great plume feathers on them (like the wedding guest list book pens) for 45 cents. Really.
I get to the car and immediately start breaking off the pens and drum roll...... i have white plumes that are tiny top hat worthy. Thrilled I am.

So most grateful to my hubby for driving my giddy over medicated self to this adventure.
Now to create.

17 September 2011

meeting talents i have admired for so long - today!


Today was a rare day that felt like i took a vacation to dreamland. I have not been traveling much the past few years (which I miss more than I have words). Traveling fills my soul, gives me energy and passion for being who I am. Well, I have been following a few talented artists over the past year and today I was lucky enough to meet two of them. WOW!!!

Dottie Angel - Tif Fussell and Janine Vangool publisher, editor, designer of Uppercase Publishing.

I am reminded that being an artist is something to share with other people of like minds. I am personally not the best at putting myself out in the world. The meeting of these two talented souls made me feel stronger and connected to a land of creative not all get to feel. I am so lucky that I can live my life as an artist designer. I am not always the richest with money but, certainly the layers and textures of moments that fill my life are priceless. I cannot imagine a nicer way to spend time surrounded by artists living their dreams full out!

Thank you Tif and Janine for being all that you are. So very real, talented, humble and kind.

Thanks to my hubby for getting me out the door to show up and grow inside just a little bit more today.

Dottie Angel's new book is a must get. You can link to her new book at either link above.

Today I am grateful for the gift of knowing how to feed my soul. 
Really just giddy about meeting you both.