18 September 2011

rain. surplus store. too much codeine cough syrup. a blast.

the excitement builds as you drive up. really.

aisles and aisles of tiny bins with odd collections = love

happy people with snappy personalities
So today one adventure i was anxious to go on was to Axman.
Axman is a local surplus shop filled with loads of treats.  See i am making tiny circus hats (of course i am) for The Worlds Greatest Show on Earth at La Rue Marche (fashion show on the 24th)

When i get into branding, designing i just go to the moon with excitement and roll out every crazy idea that hits. i have lots. so i knew that i could not wait another day to get to Axman.

Well i have been fighting this germ and taking major med's. I started feeling a little loopy before heading out for the big adventure. my hubby asks, "did you take the codeine syrup and your other med's all at once?" Yep. I did. OH. This should be fun!! Yep.

The trip seemed a bit out of body but really fun. really fun. silly fun.

I am not sure the blue and orange tape would have seemed as cool without my germ med's.
I also am positive i would have never thought to buy these really ugly pens with great plume feathers on them (like the wedding guest list book pens) for 45 cents. Really.
I get to the car and immediately start breaking off the pens and drum roll...... i have white plumes that are tiny top hat worthy. Thrilled I am.

So most grateful to my hubby for driving my giddy over medicated self to this adventure.
Now to create.

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