26 September 2011

artful nesting a season i adore

happy easy darling want! http://pinterest.com/

this would be most happy on my neck. one please. http://pinterest.com/

this is brilliant. i am going to create one. i adore everything about this. http://pinterest.com/

beauty in simple yummy form. http://pinterest.com/

making these tonight. not sure why. abundance.http://pinterest.com/

Trees start telling us to switch up our fashion. I listen. I am getting ready. Okay, so I need a few trips to the vintage stores, a few handmade textile yummy items to mix in, some new tights without feet, maybe (dreaming here) new cowboy boots in the red colors I have longed for (with big stitching and that great square pointed toe) very old western rocker. Yes, I have a pair in mind.

There are so many little things that get me all happy for seasons. This season holds candles, the smells of baking, leafs crunching, wind blows with more sound, soft blankets seem to appear gently draped on chairs, furniture moves around to better snuggle in. Oh, so much to be excited about.

Today I am designing, dreaming and planning what chair to move next.

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