27 September 2011

on my mind. paper. dogs. laughter. creating.

dog card designed by me with vintage dog photos. adore.

paper folding. hooked right now. giggle, laughter I need more.

another dog card. vintage fabric, beautiful quote, some threads, paint, happy.
So today I am all about creating for me. Yep. I know I have client work (most grateful I am) I also need to just make some pretty things for me, our house, my shrines, our girls. Just in general get some ideas in my head out and move on to the next adventure that awaits.

I am wanting to build something with paper. So we will see what in the world this turns out to be. Fun and oh so rewarding I just know it. Mostly when a single idea keeps playing in my head like a loop I know that it must be made or I will be crazed until it is.

I have stopped moving chairs around. My hubby is pleased with this. I now want some electricity on a wall that has none. That is a bit more of a challenge. Lighting. Hum.

For now it is off to paper creation for me. As night closes in it seems like the only thing to do. Smiles.

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