28 September 2011

color on my brain not leaving yet. nope.

these are rockin on this sofa. pillows made from sweaters. http://pinterest.com/

i adore the color on this piece. aged to perfection.http://pinterest.com/

simple. pretty. functional. i like these a lot. http://pinterest.com/

what a delightful way to tell what time it is.http://pinterest.com/
color. again color. so i found these goodies on pinterest. aren't they happy. each one looks like it could get up in the night and dance (of course, we would be sound asleep) smile.

i think that paint can bring a new spirit to just about anything. funny i can go from super lux to super simple farm girl stuff. it all just brings a glow of happy to me.

i think i need a big loft space next or maybe we will get that airstream we look at every night at bedtime?

swirling some color.

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