29 September 2011

my life with dogs

incredible book http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_1_5?field-keywords=a+dog%27s+purpose+by+w.+bruce+cameron&url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&sprefix=a+dog
clover 12.5 the sweetest soul

pearl 1 year the precious peanut

today marks one week that our precious 15.5 year old nattie has gone to heaven. i am listening to the wind wild around me and i cannot help but think of the wind as change. winds letting me know all of the possibilities watching over me.

clover and pearl are sticking together. they are an odd little couple. pearl brings out the playful side to clover. no time to miss sister nattie with pearl jumping on top of you. although i bet when clover dreams at night she is walking next to nattie in the backyard, inspecting the same smells.

i am only fresh into the pages of A DOGS PURPOSE but, i can tell you this is one book (if you love animals) you will want to read. it is playful, and real, and silly, and touching, and really makes you think (good stuff) and remember i am only on page 53. yep.

so for tonight i will finish up in the studio and off to snuggle in with my hubby, my girls and listen to the winds blowing all the possibilities to me.

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  1. Tough week not having Nattie with us but she filled our hearts and minds with love and great memories. Enjoyed reading this post and could not agree more with the book - love it too. As for Clover and Pearl - they both miss their sister Nattie too but do a great job of keeping each other busy and happy.