05 September 2011

being drawn to things and having no idea why?

This precious vintage head and torso is one of those things I had to buy. Not sure why? I do not collect vintage doll parts never ever have. I just saw this face and thought it could tell a million different stories of where she had traveled. I bought her. Yep. Everyone I know thinks she is creepy and odd. Not me, nope, i adore her. I have researched a bit on her and she was manufactured by a company called Armand Marseille. They were in business from 1885 - 1950's.

The man I purchased her from tells me that she is over 100 years old. That appealed to me plenty.

So I now own her and she is with me in the studio. Seems the best place for her as she really does have absolutely not one other admirer. Fine by me. I think she is just meant for me.

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