15 September 2011

when it's midnight and i cannot go antique shopping


So I often dream of spending my days antique, junk shopping then creating, wearing and finding new ways to love these things i find that all have so much history. One of my favorite shows is on the History channel ~ yep Pickers.

As it turns out i grew up about 20 minutes from antique archaeology. Fun. This past March I traveled home to spend time with the parents. We were driving past and dad says "we can stop" well "really" okay. So there behind the counter is darling Danielle. Yes, she is as cute, hot as you think and super super sweet.

This was one of the precious moments that link lovely living together for me. I can pull such great energy from times like this.

Oh, and I love the type INDIAN on this bike. Really just classic.

Second to being a designer vintage fuels me. Find passion. Live it. Never ever let it leave you.

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