27 September 2011

a bit of color, handmade goodness + one creative great idea

love this, however, i still think everyday is a good day.http://pinterest.com/

a little gramma cozy is always welcome http://pinterest.com/

great idea for keeping your threads happy http://pinterest.com/

color is a tricky good subject. i adore color and seem to be very good at mixing it up. naturally color just happens all around us all of the time. i delight in taking a color or hue that might not be the most popular and making it work ~ like taking the one not so pretty cupcake (cause you think no one else will eat it).

i hope that i dream in full living color tonight. with fall starting in the trees it is hard to not feel a bit more alive and in love with color.

when i dress for my day tomorrow i will mix it up with some new mix from my closet. you might want to as well ~ see if it puts a little twirl in your day.

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