25 September 2011

the circus = check

pre make so wearing my glasses

coco and tif ~ after makeup with tif

a few of my doggie circus designs for sale

packed house of circus bonanza

Well the Greatest Show on Earth went off with a bang. The branding, designing, creating, circus minded me helped to create a packed event. I am proud when this happens. Events like this teach me so much about myself, and others. I am grateful for the lessons. Some lessons in life hit hard some hit slightly softer. I am always happy to have a blast of clear minded vision.

Today, I wake with clear focus and vision. My heart remains empty missing our Nattie. I am fueled with the desire to create more, focus more and pour energies into the places in my heart that are so important.

Thank you to my friend Marie who loaned me this great 1940's dress. Thanks to my friend Tif who applied my makeup (something I never do) it helps a lot. Thank you to my friend and jewelry designer Connie who designed these gifts I am wearing. Thanks to my hubby for supporting my artist life. Thanks for the desire to get up each day and live happy looking for the little moments that make me twirl. Yes, twirl.

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