20 September 2011

our nest we live in

our ever changing entry way table - for tonight

dining room shrine wall to 730 thursday
details i adore

beautiful painting by my best friend marie
i believe i am watched over

some of my fav's
milagros + mary + shrines = happy home
handmade sconce that lights seashells
So tonight I nested a bit. Fall is in the air. I am busy in the studio. I wanted to sneak around and take a few pic's of all of the many many shrines I build in our home constantly. I have this happy thing that takes over and I love to build shrine type places all around our home. Instantly they tell stories and take me to places I have found little broken bits and gently carried home. I love finding broken treats and placing them in our home for some peace and goodness. I love the way the candle burns and puts a tiny glow on everything. Instantly the world seems good and safe and I feel protected from crazy life.

The great part is I love crazy mixed up life. I just adore being surrounded by shrines from our life, my life, my friends and artists who see living like I do. Lucky for me to know this about myself.

I am also a big fan of editing space I live in. Objects must mean something, they must have a story connected to them. Nothing can come in just because it matches, truth is I would rather it not match. In the end the spirit of loving these pieces makes it all go together (at least for me).

Tomorrow I will hit the ground running, dashing and designing. For tonight I am creating in a glow that I am most thankful exists.

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